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Resources for Healthcare Professionals: What You Need to Know About COVID-19

Experts at Children's Hospital Colorado are committed to maintaining important and timely information for healthcare professionals, here and through our Epidemiology Alert. Please use PedsConnect or Children's Colorado Connect to view the Epi-Alerts. Contact Physician Relations if you would like to set up an account to view this information.

Well-child care toolkit for pediatric practices

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children

COVID-19 resources for parents and families

Healthcare professional resources

FAQs about the coronavirus

We know you are getting many questions from your patients and their families regarding COVID-19. Find answers to frequently asked questions and more information from local and national authorities, curated by experts at Children's Colorado.

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Doctor with mask explaining something

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C)

Starting in late April, clinicians started reporting rare cases of children presenting with a severe inflammatory syndrome potentially associated with COVID-19.

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Listen to our podcast episode regarding MIS-C

COVID-19: effects on children with chronic illnesses

We know your primary questions for our experts are likely around children with chronic illnesses or other health conditions. Fortunately, current information suggests that kids are unlikely to become severely ill with COVID-19.

Hand holding two tablets of generic ibuprofen.

Ibuprofen use in patients with COVID-19

The AAP and WHO have stated that, as of April 3, 2020, there is not enough evidence to recommend avoid using ibuprofen if a patient has suspected or confirmed COVID-19, unless the patient has an underlying medical condition that makes ibuprofen less safe.

Reference our Clinical Care Guidelines (.pdf)

Children's Colorado professional resources

COVID-19 expanded community testing

We are now offering COVID-19 testing to community providers, EMS healthcare workers, and children and their caregivers who are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. You will need a referral from a provider and to make an appointment in advance to be tested.

Woman wearing N-95 face mask in a hospital.

N-95 mask decontamination for community providers

We’ve transitioned from the UV decontamination process for N-95 masks to the new Bioquell Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide process. This allows masks to safely be decontaminated up to 20 times.

Convalescent plasma for COVID-19

The request for convalescent plasma must come from the provider directly caring for the patient. Providers need to complete an eIND request through the FDA using form 3926.

Read about plasma donations

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A provider performs an ultrasound while another provider observes using Telehealth

Telemedicine resources for PCPs during the COVID-19 crisis

To help PCPs work through operational concerns regarding the health and safety of your patients and staff, services for patients, telehealth functionality, PPE and more, we have collected resources to guide you in implementing telemedicine services.

See our telemedicine resources

Children's Colorado location and service updates

We're reactivating services that were suspended temporarily due to the pandemic. On April 28, Children's Colorado began a phased reopening starting with peri-operative services. In May, we will phase-in additional diagnostics, including radiology tests, pulmonary studies and sleep studies, and certain clinic appointments. 

Read our updated plans

Watch a video about our reactivation

Additional COVID-19 professional resources

The CARES Small Business Economic Disaster Loan Program

President Trump signed the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act on March 27, 2020. This Act provides small businesses (<500 employees) with working capital loans up to $10 million to help them overcome the temporary loss of revenue. These funds must be used to retain workers by maintaining payroll, pay mortgage interest, lease and utility payments.

There are many key requirements and loan terms that our team has detailed for your reference. Please review our CARES Act information (.pdf) in detail and email our Physician Relations team with any questions.

COVID-19 telephone triage protocols (updated May 12)

Bart Schmitt, MD, Medical Director of General Pediatric Consultations and the Pediatric Call Center at Children's Colorado, has authored protocols designed to triage patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 or who have been exposed to COVID-19 during office hours. Significant protocol changes are as follows:

  • COVID-19 Exposure Protocol: This protocol now only covers patients who have no symptoms.
  • COVID-19 Diagnosed or Suspected Protocol: This protocol covers all patients who have COVID-19 compatible symptoms.
  • New home care advice: In an effort to reduce the use of two protocols to manage COVID-19 calls involving multiple symptoms, we've expanded triage questions and targeted care advice. This protocol now covers telephone care for cough, fever, muscle pains, headaches, sore throat and loss of smell.
  • COVID-19 testing: Testing availability, products, test sites and indications for testing vary greatly based on community resources and community spread of the virus. Providing up-to-date recommendations on testing is the responsibility of each office practice.

Download the COVID-19 Telephone Triage Exposure Protocol (.pdf)

Download the COVID-19 Telephone Triage Suspected or Confirmed Protocol (.pdf)

Please share these updated protocols with office triage nurses and any health care professional who might find them helpful. Please delete any older versions of these office hours protocols. (The release date is always found at the end of the definition section on page 1.)

Additional Children's Colorado resources

Our team is actively working to provide you with ongoing updates through various channels for the latest information on COVID-19. Please use the following resources curated by our experts to help you during this pandemic.

Charting Pediatrics podcasts

Virtual town halls

Community providers are invited to join our virtual town halls with Children's Colorado leadership and physicians. The interactive sessions focus on how we're responding to the pandemic and answer pediatricians' most frequently asked questions. Please note that to view the town hall recordings below, you'll be asked to provide your name and email address.

The frequency of our town halls will change to every other week after May 21.

Other external professional resources