Children's Hospital Colorado

What to Expect From Your Visit to the Allergy Clinic

Children with known or suspected allergies are seen in our Allergy Clinic. Your family will be greeted by our front desk coordinators who will check you in and then transfer you to the nursing team. Our specialized allergy assistants and nurses will weigh and measure your child, take his/her heart rate and blood pressure, and then escort you to an examination room. Many children 5 years of age and older will have their lung function measured by performing a simple breathing test that requires the child to blow out all their air into a mouthpiece. 

During your appointment, you will spend time interacting with our allergy nurses and one of our allergists. Our team will listen and explore your concerns, as well as your hopes for the visit. Our goal is to have open communication, as well as effective information-sharing.

Testing for allergies

During the initial appointment, most children receive skin prick allergy testing. Read more about allergy testing. We usually have a member of our child-life team available for working with children during this process, as some children become anxious about the “skin pokes.” 

Depending on the reason your child’s visit, they may need to have blood drawn, which can be done in our lab by personnel who are skilled at drawing blood from children. Medicine to make the blood draw less painful may be used if requested. These tests, along with a thorough review of your child’s medical history and a physical examination, usually provide enough information for an allergist to make an accurate diagnosis and develop a collaborative and individualized plan for allergy and/or asthma care.

How long will it take?

You should plan to be in the Allergy Clinic for up to about two hours for your child’s first visit. We know this is a lengthy appointment, but our goal is to complete the necessary testing, review the results to make a diagnosis, then develop and discuss a care plan with you all on the same day. This approach helps save time and reduces stress on you and your child. Occasionally, children will need to come back for further testing and a follow-up appointment to review the response to treatment is often required.

Scheduling your first visit

To set up your child’s initial appointment in our Allergy Clinic please call our schedulers at 720-777-2575. Alternatively, your child’s primary care doctor can make a referral to us and our schedulers will contact you directly. The schedulers will gather your child’s information (name, age, address, symptoms or clinical diagnosis, and insurance information). If necessary, financial counselors are available to help you through the process of applying for healthcare coverage if you don’t have insurance.

Download our Pediatric Allergy New Patient Questionnaire to bring to your first appointment. 

An appointment close to home

Your child’s appointment can be scheduled at one of our Allergy Clinics based on where you live: the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, South Campus in Highlands Ranch, or our Outpatient Specialty Care location in Parker. The schedulers will schedule your appointment as soon as possible. We’ll also try to schedule you in the facility closest to your home unless you prefer to be seen sooner at another site. Please note that GEDP (Gastrointestinal Eosinophilic Diseases Program) team appointments are only available at the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora.

General allergy and asthma locations

In addition to the Anschutz Medical Campus and South Campus, we also have a location in Parker. Some of the same pediatric allergists who work at our main hospital sites staff these clinics and are available to examine your child, make a diagnosis and discuss treatment with your family. If necessary, a patient may need to be referred to our Anschutz Medical Campus for further specialty testing and treatment.

These clinics are close to your home, easily accessible, and offer the pediatric allergy and asthma care you can expect at our hospitals. When possible, follow-up appointments will also be made in the same local clinic.