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Talking With Technology Camp 2020

This year, we’re celebrating the 34th anniversary of Talking With Technology (TWT) Camp at Easterseals Colorado's Rocky Mountain Village in Empire, Colorado.

Children's Hospital Colorado created this one-week program for children who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices as their main way of communicating.

Camp dates

July 19 to 24, 2020 for campers and personal care attendants (PCA)

July 18 to 24, 2020 for trainers


Rocky Mountain Village Camp, Easterseals Colorado
2644 Alvarado Rd
Empire, CO 80438

The camp is near Empire, Colorado. It’s just off I-70 west about 1.5 hours driving time from Denver.

Application information


The application is due March 27, 2020


If there are spots available, siblings can also attend camp. Siblings are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis once we receive the completed application packet. We will let you know if siblings are accepted.

The application is due March 27, 2020


The application is due March 27, 2020. We will review applications we receive after this date if there are any spots left. 

Personal care attendant (PCA)

The application is due March 27, 2020


The application is due March 27, 2020

Costs and funding options

All fees for Talking With Technology Camp must be paid by May 29, 2020. We will let you know if there is financial help available by that date. Camp fees are refundable if the applicant does not attend camp. The application fee is non-refundable.

Application fee

A non-refundable application fee of $80 is charged to campers and adult trainers. This fee isn’t used toward the camper’s fees. Only one application fee is charged to a family and covers the camper, sibling and personal care attendants who will attend the camp.

Camper fee

The camper fee is $2,890. This fee includes a $2,040 program fee (therapy costs) and an $850.00 camp fee (room, board and counselors).

Thanks to the Scottish Rite Foundation, campers from Colorado can get financial help to pay for camper fees. This includes all fees (other than the application fee) for room, board and activities as well as the therapy fees associated with this program. No fees will be billed to insurance/Medicaid.

For this reason, all Colorado campers must fill out a Scottish Rite application and share the needed documents and proof of income, unless they wish to pay the whole fee on their own.

Children applying from out of state will need to pay the full camper fee. We know of many children from outside of Colorado whose school districts and other disability organizations have given financial help to them to be able to come to this camp.

Sibling fee

The sibling fee is $622. This camp fee covers room, board and activities at camp for the camper's brother or sister. The application fee for the siblings is included in the camper's application fee, so no extra application fee is needed.

Thanks to the Rollie R. Kelley Family Foundation, Colorado families can get scholarships to help pay for siblings to go to camp. Out-of-state siblings will have to pay the full sibling fee. This includes all fees for room, board and activities. Please let us know if you wish to pay the whole fee on your own.

Adult fees

Funding assistance is also available to adults from the Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado and the Rollie R. Kelley Family Foundation. No application is necessary.

  • Trainer fees: The trainer fee is $490, which includes a $410 camp fee and an $80 non-refundable application fee. This camp fee covers room and board for trainers throughout the week. Trainers stay in separate cabins from the campers. It also covers all training material fees. Usually 1 to 3 hours of university credit is available for an added fee of about $80 per hour, to be paid at camp by check or credit card (no cash). 
  • Personal care attendant (PCA): The PCA fee is $91 per day. This camp fee covers room and board at camp. The PCA will stay in the cabin with the camper. No application fee is needed.
  • Mentors: Room, board, and counselor for personal care needs are provided at no cost to the mentor. No application fee is needed.

Payment options

Camp fees can be paid by credit card or check. Please make checks payable to Children's Hospital Colorado and mail to:

Children’s Hospital Colorado
Attention: AAC Camps (Talking With Technology)
860 N Potomac Circle, Box 385
Aurora, CO 80011

Contact us

If you need more information or have questions about Talking With Technology Camp, please contact:

Children’s Hospital Colorado
ATTN: AAC Camps (Talking With Technology)
860 N Potomac Circle, Box 385
Aurora, CO 80011
Fax: ATTN: AAC Camps 720-478-7095