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At Children's Hospital Colorado, we're committed to helping all healthcare professionals get the latest in pediatric bariatric surgery information to better your practice, learn about innovation in our program and improve outcomes for your patients.

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Charting Pediatrics is a weekly podcast for pediatric healthcare providers. In this series, specialists from Children's Hospital Colorado examine the latest treatments for the most common complaints in pediatric medicine. Listen and subscribe on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

AAP Policy Statement on Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Thomas Inge discusses the new AAP policy statement on bariatric surgery. The policy statement, and a supporting technical report, were simultaneously published in Pediatrics.

Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

In this episode, we discuss adolescent bariatric surgery with Thomas Inge, MD, former Director of the Bariatric Surgery Center at Children's Colorado. Dr. Inge explains common medical indicators for successful candidates for bariatric surgery, suitable bariatric operations for adolescents and more.

In our bariatric surgery educational videos, Children's Colorado experts discuss what they have learned about the efficacy of bariatric surgery for adolescents. This includes long-term studies, comparisons to adult outcomes and more.

PCORnet Bariatric Surgery Research and Outcomes

In this video, Dr. Thomas Inge discusses the research findings of The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Network (PCORnet) Bariatric Study – the largest study of its kind.

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