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How to Use an Acorn Nebulizer with Mouthpiece Video

How to Use an Acorn Nebulizer with Mouthpiece

  1. Plug the compressor machine into an electrical outlet.
  2. Open the nebulizer cup by twisting the top counter clockwise.
  3. Pour the medication into the nebulizer cup. Then add saline, if recommended.
  4. Replace the nebulizer top by twisting it clockwise until secure.
  5. Plug one side of the clear plastic tubing into the compressor machine and the other side into the nebulizer cup.
  6. Assemble the mouthpiece and attach it to the nebulizer (see Figure A). If using a mask attach the mask to the nebulizer mask (see Figure B).
  7. Place the mouthpiece in the child’s mouth or put the mask on the child’s face (make sure you have a tight seal).
  8. Turn on the air compressor machine. A fine mist will come out of the nebulizer.
  9. Breathe in and out normally, until the medicine is finished. This should take about 10 minutes.
    • If the child is able, instruct them to take an extra deep breath and hold it for 5-10 seconds every 10 breaths.

Key Points

  • The child should sit upright and be awake during the nebulizer treatment.
  • If the nebulizer is not creating mist, pour out the medicine, rinse with sterile water and start over.
  • When you hear the nebulizer make a sputtering noise, tap the cup so the droplets of medicine on the side can be nebulized.

Equipment Maintenance

  1. Cleaning: After each treatment, take the nebulizer apart and wash with warm water and liquid dish soap. This includes the mask and/or mouthpiece. Rub off any “stuck on” mucus. Rinse all parts. Shake off the excess water and allow to air dry.
    • If the nebulizer is not rinsed after each treatment, the small holes inside the nebulizer will become clogged and will not make a mist.
    • It is not necessary to rinse the clear compressor tubing.
  2. Disinfecting: At least once a week the nebulizer, mask, and/or mouthpiece should be disinfected by using the following method:
    • Soak in a solution of 1 part distilled white vinegar and 3 parts hot tap water for 1 hour.
      • After soaking, rinse all of the parts with sterile water and air dry.
      • You can make sterile water by boiling tap water for 10 minutes.

Download instructions on how to use an Acorn Nebulizer (.pdf)