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Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine Education Videos

Our team of pediatric breathing experts work hard to help kids in our region breathe easier. But we also want kids across the country and beyond to feel the same relief. That is why we’re sharing pediatric pulmonary medicine education videos for providers far beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics.

In the following videos, our providers will discuss groundbreaking pulmonary research, diagnosis, treatment and more. We want to bring the expertise from our pediatric pulmonary experts to providers so they can improve care in their communities.

Current cystic fibrosis research continues to improve survival rates

Cystic fibrosis (CF) treatment has evolved drastically in the past half-century. Children with CF frequently died before reaching 5-years-old in the 1940s and 1950s, and now they regularly live into adulthood. In the following video, Scott Sagel, MD, a pediatric pulmonologist and Director of the Mike McMorris Cystic Fibrosis Center at Children’s Hospital Colorado, discusses the major medical advancements that have led to this increased life expectancy. These advancements include diagnostic tests, treatments, a CF care center network and more. Dr. Sagel also discusses ongoing research that can help advance care even further.

Chronic Ventilation in Neonates

The approach to chronic ventilation in neonates is very different than the approach to acute ventilation in several important ways. Providers must address many aspects of care, beginning with identifying the need for chronic ventilation and ensuring that an infant meets the weight requirements for tracheostomy placement. Surgical recovery, reaching respiratory stability and transitioning to a home ventilator all pose unique challenges. Our Ventilator Care Program consists of a multidisciplinary care team that specializes in caring for neonates and providing the critical education and support parents need to care for their children at home.

In this video, Christopher Baker, MD, Medical Director of the Ventilator Care Program in our Breathing Institute, discusses our approach to placing neonates with chronic respiratory failure on chronic ventilation.