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Resources for Burn Center Patients and Families

We collaborate with every specialty in the hospital to advance new surgical techniques, teach tomorrow’s surgeons and give our patients a brighter today.

A severe burn injury can mean a lifetime of recovery, both mentally and physically. Your child will need the support of your family and friends. It can also be helpful to talk to other children and families who have had similar experiences.

Aftercare programs

Burn Camps Program

The Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Camps Program was established in 1983 as one of the first residential burn camps of its kind. Through innovative programming and a range of interactive activities, our program addresses the developmental needs of young burn survivors to help them build courage and thrive throughout their recoveries.

Our suite of programs has been structured to meet the rehabilitative and psychosocial needs of children who have sustained a burn injury. With inspiration, rehabilitation, and shared experiences, we empower our campers and families to thrive through challenges in a safe, nurturing and supportive community.

We are accredited by the American Camping Association and work closely with the International Association of Burn Camps, Children’s Hospital Colorado, International Association of Fire Fighters and Phoenix Society. As a member of local, national, and international medical and camping associations, we provide an aftercare opportunity to all children who have received burn care at Children’s Colorado at no cost, as well as children referred from burn centers across the country.

Watch videos about our Burn Camps Program

Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery (SOAR)

The Phoenix Society SOAR program connects survivors and loved ones with others who have experienced similar trauma - whether through their own burn injury, or as the loved one of a burn survivor. Children’s Colorado Burn Center is a Phoenix SOAR hospital.

Please contact the Burn Center for more information about peer support at 720-777-6604.

Back-to-School Program

School is essential for children's social interaction and academic skills. This program helps with a faster and more seamless reintegration into school, to help children with burns return to normal life. Our aftercare program goals and outcomes include discovering new self-confidence and enhancing social skills, increasing independence and self-reliance, fostering cultural competency and increasing participation.

Please contact the Burn Center for more information about support returning to school at 720-777-6604.

Youth Fire-Setting Program

The Youth Fire-Setting Program at Children’s Colorado evaluates and treats children with risk factors for continued fire setting. The program also provides group counseling to the child and parents regarding identification of behaviors and interventions for behavior changes. Referrals to the program come primarily from fire departments, psychotherapists, schools and parents. For information about treatment for youth fire setters, call 720-777-6604.

Long-term treatment and family support

A burn injury can be traumatic for the whole family. It’s normal for children and their loved ones to experience anxiety, worry, sleep problems and guilt following a burn injury. Caring for your child’s and your own emotional health is just as important as caring for the physical burn.

Additional resources

Lodging options near the Burn Center at Children’s Hospital Colorado

Are you visiting us from out of town? Here are some places to stay nearby. Ronald McDonald House and St. Christopher House offer affordable or free lodging for patients and their families on a case-by-case basis.

  • Ronald McDonald House
    932 Potomac Circle, Aurora, CO
  • St. Christopher House
    1780 Lafayette St, Denver, CO
  • SpringHill Suites by Marriott
    13400 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO