Children's Hospital Colorado

Burn specialists at Children's Hospital Colorado

We collaborate with every specialty in the hospital to advance new surgical techniques, teach tomorrow’s surgeons and give our patients a brighter today.

The Burn Clinic team includes specially trained staff from a variety of disciplines working together to expertly manage and treat all aspects of your child’s burn or skin injury.

Pediatric surgeons

Our surgical team includes specialty-trained, board-certified burn surgeons and trauma surgeons. They perform surgical procedures, resuscitation, excision, grafting, scar reconstruction and more.

Pediatric nurse practitioner

Our pediatric nurse practitioner is trained in pediatric burn care to assist in the assessment, management, and treatment of the pediatric burn patient.

Pediatric nurses

Our specialty-trained pediatric burn nurses provide care to children with burn injuries in the inpatient, operative and outpatient settings. Their family-centered education and care coordination help children make a smooth transition from treatment to recovery.

Social workers

Social workers provide psychosocial assessments, intervention and support for burn patients and their families. They can help families access community resources, address child protection concerns, help with school-related issues and other support services as needed.


The psychologist helps patients and families cope with psychological effects of a burn injury. This includes consultation, psychological assessment, treatment of behavior problems, and adjustment to post-traumatic stress disorders and pain management.

Child life specialists

Child life specialists provide children with play and recreational activities that help kids express feelings, explore body image, understand treatments and restore functional skills. They help explain procedures and why your child needs treatment. Child life specialists are also available during wound care and other procedures to help children manage stress and pain.


The burn team's occupational therapists (OT) and physical therapists (PT) are trained in pediatrics and burn care. Our OTs are certified in burn and hand therapy. Through continual reassessment and timely interventions, their goal is to reach the best possible outcome through rehabilitation and to help children regain as much function as possible and heal successfully.

Clinical dietitians

Clinical dietitians ensure hospitalized patients receive the nutrition they need for healing.

Special support and consulting personnel

The burn team also consults with other specialty services at Children's Colorado as needed, including experts in plastic surgery, pain managementophthalmology, orthopedics, critical care, pulmonology, rehabilitation and infectious disease.