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Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Outpatient Program

Through specialized child life programs, we ease the stress and anxiety of medical experiences using play, creativity, technology and even man's best friend.

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About the Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Outpatient Program

The Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Outpatient Program provides creative arts therapy to children working through difficult times. While our inpatient creative arts therapy program helps children and adolescents manage the challenges of a hospital stay, our outpatient services give families in the community creative choices for behavioral and emotional support.

Our therapists work with patients to find the best ways to help them express themselves through music, art, dance/movement or drama therapy. We help children and adolescents process difficult experiences and feelings, develop new communication strategies and explore creative skills.

Working with a creative arts therapist allows patients to better connect with themselves and others. The creative outlet can help kids more effectively express and manage their emotions and behavior, helping them thrive in school, relationships and at home.

Our outpatient program includes a variety of creative therapies:

  • Art therapy uses drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and video to foster emotional expression.
  • Music therapy includes listening to, writing and making music to stimulate the senses, process and handle emotions and organize thoughts.
  • Dance/movement therapy focuses on the connection between the mind and body to promote health and healing.

Why choose us for creative arts therapy?

When your child comes to the Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program, they receive the best possible care for their physical, emotional and mental health. Our creative interventions provide unique ways for children to process struggles and develop strengths.

At Children's Hospital Colorado, we offer more creative treatment options and greater clinical expertise than any other hospital in the region. Our creative arts therapists are leaders in their fields, innovating and contributing to industry-leading research.

Our creative arts therapists are highly trained mental health professionals. We work as part of your child’s treatment team along with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and medical providers.

Who we treat at the Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Outpatient Program

Any child can benefit from creative arts therapy. We treat children of all ages, regardless of their medical or mental health conditions or physical abilities. Our team tailors each child’s therapy to fit their personality and needs. We help children explore their emotions through the creative outlet they prefer. If your child qualifies for outpatient care, creative arts therapy can help with the psychosocial impact of:

  • Mood disorders
  • Emotional or physical trauma
  • Learning delays and developmental disabilities
  • Sensory processing issues
  • Body image issues or eating disorders
  • Behavioral challenges
  • Medical advocacy, self-care and adherence
  • Identity formation and expression
  • Grief and loss

How to get treatment for your child

If you’re interested in creative arts therapy for your child, ask your child’s primary doctor if they feel it’s appropriate. When your child’s doctor sends us the referral, we review their needs and schedule an appointment with the appropriate therapist. We make every effort to see children with immediate needs as quickly as possible.

At your child’s first appointment, the therapist will discuss treatment goals and approaches. We meet with your child alone and also together with you. We work with you and your child to customize the best approach for them.

Health insurance coverage for creative arts therapy varies. Be sure to check your policy to find out what mental health coverage it provides.

Contact the Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Outpatient Program

We provide outpatient creative arts therapy in the Gary Pavilion at our Anschutz Medical Campus. To get more information or schedule an appointment, call us at 720-777-4360. You can also email us at with general questions about the program.

Where can I learn more about creative arts therapy?

These local associations provide information and resources if you’d like to learn more about creative arts therapy.