Children's Hospital Colorado

For those living with, affected by, or at-risk for HIV, we provide compassionate care through a range of services and clinics. Our family-centered approach not only improves the health and quality of life for those living with HIV, but for those around them as well.

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At the Children's Hospital Immunodeficiency Program (CHIP), you’ll receive care and advice from the only team in the Rocky Mountain region dedicated to caring solely for children and families living with HIV.

One skilled team to provide comprehensive HIV care

CHIP has a multidisciplinary team to meet the needs of children, teens, young adults and pregnant women living with HIV. Our comprehensive care also helps parents and guardians of those affected by or living with HIV. Our team is made up of medical experts from many different specialties.

Nurse practitioners

You or your child will be assigned a primary nurse practitioner. The primary nurse practitioner, along with the medical staff, will help find solutions to medical problems and should be the first person you call with a medical concern. The primary nurse helps you obtain medicines, review blood test results and can answer any questions about HIV tests and treatment. This person may also talk to you about research studies that may be available for new treatments.


Our doctors specialize in treating HIV and AIDS. You or your child will be assigned a primary physician and although you may meet with other physicians on the team, your primary physician will always review the medical information.


Our program has pharmacists familiar with HIV medication and can help you or your child start HIV treatment, keep all medical appointments and take HIV medicines every day and exactly as prescribed. This will make the medication more effective. They will also help you or your child with changing medication, help you understand how the medication interacts with other medicines and help reduce side effects of the medication.

Clinical social workers

You or your child will have a primary social worker who can discuss any concerns related to treatment. They can discuss reactions of family members or friends, fears, hopes and beliefs about HIV, as well as provide community resources. The social worker also spends time educating you and family members about HIV, discussing disclosure, helping with medication adherence, assisting with referrals and addressing any mental health issues.


Our dietitians help make sure you or your child meet all nutritional needs and they also give advice on any specific dietary needs or issues.


The primary role of the CHIP team neuropsychologist is a research position that studies the relationship between the brain and behavior. They understand the needs of young people living with HIV and are available to consult with families about developmental, educational or behavioral concerns they may have.