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At the Colorado Fetal Care Center, we’re committed to partnering with providers to improve care for moms and babies and moving the field of fetal care forward.

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Colorado Fetal Care Center research and best practices

At the Colorado Fetal Care Center, we conduct research, collaborate with maternal fetal medicine specialists across the globe and share our innovations so all children will have a brighter future — including those not born yet. Learn about our latest research and explore videos and other resources that will keep you on the cutting edge of maternal fetal medicine.

Research Article

Through genetic testing, a pregnant woman discovered she carried a rare MAGED2 gene variation linked to Bartter syndrome, potentially threatening both her and her unborn baby's life. Leveraging precision medicine, her doctors at UCHealth and the Colorado Fetal Care Center developed a personalized care plan, successfully carrying her pregnancy to full term and ensuring the health of both mother and baby.

Clinical Trial

Researchers at Children’s Hospital Colorado are investigating the safety and feasibility of providing regenerative therapy for a rare congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS).

Infants diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome in utero
Stem cell collection at birth; Glenn procedure at 3-6 months old

Maternal fetal care education videos

Our experts have created a series of provider education videos to help share their research and the innovations they’ve developed in our Center to advance the field of maternal fetal medicine and improve patient care.

Helping innovate hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) treatments

As one of only five centers in the country — and the only center in the region — participating in Mayo Clinic's HLHS Consortium, we are helping lead an effort to find solutions for patients with HLHS. Through our Fetal Cardiology Program, pregnant women with a fetal HLHS diagnosis can participate in groundbreaking clinical trials studying the use of cell-based regenerative therapy to transform the lives of their children born with HLHS.

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