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Frequently Asked Questions About Procedures at the Colorado Fetal Care Center

For procedures including fetoscopy, C-section, etc., please follow the guidelines below to ensure that your surgery goes smoothly:

  • Do NOT eat any food after midnight the night before your surgery.
  • You may drink clear liquids up to two hours before your scheduled surgery time.
  • No orange juice!
  • The ONLY acceptable clear liquids during this time include:
    • Water
    • Sodas
    • Gatorade
    • 8 ounces of black coffee or tea (no milk, creamer or non-dairy creamer)
    • Juices like apple and cranberry (flavors without pulp)
  • Do NOT drink orange juice.

Niphedipine is used to treat high blood pressure and headaches are one of the more common side effects of the medication. Headaches should go away within 24 hours, and your doctor will provide a recommended dose of Tylenol.

All patients undergoing a fetoscopy will have an overnight stay in the hospital and will remain in Denver for approximately five days post-procedure. Total time will vary depending on each individual and how well the procedure is tolerated.

Unless otherwise indicated, most fetoscopic procedures are done under epidural anesthesia. This blocks sensation but does not put the patient to sleep. An anesthesiologist can provide additional sedation should your fetal care team recommend it.

Valium is administered prior to an MRI to keep the baby or babies still so that lung volumes can be measured. Valium can also be prescribed for mothers who are claustrophobic and may need help relaxing during the MRI.

  • An ultrasound is used to detect fetal congenital anomalies and evaluate the mother's uterine environment, including fluid levels and other concerns.
  • An MRI is used to get a detailed image of the baby's brain anatomy.

An ultrasound and an MRI are utilized simultaneously to obtain different perspectives of the baby and its environment. The better the imaging, the better we can diagnose and treat a child's condition.

Studies do not show any harmful effects of MRIs on babies. An MRI uses magnetic waves to take pictures of the baby; it does not use radiation like CT scans. In addition, there is no contrast injected for a fetal MRI.

One of our program coordinators or social workers can help you find a place to stay if you need to remain in Denver after your procedure. Patients often stay at the Ronald McDonald House or at a nearby hotel.

You may have one support person, such as a family member or friend, with you during your C-section depending on your condition. Please discuss this with your care provider before your planned C-section to ensure they will be allowed into the surgery suite. This person can also accompany the baby to the nursery and join you in the recovery room.

Fetal echocardiography is a non-invasive evaluative test using ultrasound technology to assess the fetal heart. This test provides imaging of a baby's heart anatomy and function to guide treatment.

Children may accompany you to your fetal echo, ultrasound, and family meetings. However, they are not allowed in the room during an MRI or fetal procedures. It is always best to have another adult with you to assist in the care of your children.

The Creative Play Center is a free service sponsored by the Association of Volunteers of Children's Hospital Colorado. The Center provides a safe play environment for the children of our patients. Children must be 8 years of age or younger. Parents must complete a sign-in form and must remain in the hospital while the children are at the Center. The same parent must sign the child in and out of the center and present a photo ID.

Please visit the Creative Play Center page for information on hours, location and availability.

We welcome anyone you are comfortable with to attend the family meeting. These meetings are meant to provide information and answer questions for everyone involved in the care of mom and baby.

The Colorado Fetal Care Center is located within Children's Colorado at 13123 East 16th Avenue, Aurora 80045. The main entrance to the hospital is located on the north side of Colfax about two blocks west of the I-225 exit.

Where do I park?

There is a two-story parking garage at the front entrance of Children's Colorado. There is also valet parking at no charge at the front entrance of the hospital.

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We work with your insurance company to pre-authorize all diagnostic tests, consultations and procedures prior to your visit. You will need to check with your insurance company to verify deductibles and co-pays. We will not perform any uninsured procedure without discussing it with you first.