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Colorado Fetal Care Center

What to Expect at the Colorado Fetal Care Center

A guiding hand

When you contact the Colorado Fetal Care Center, you will be guided through your entire experience at the Center by a Program Assistant. Assigned to your case from Day One, this Program Assistant will work with you to assist with your transportation, lodging and financial needs. The assistant will also coordinate your schedule with each specialty to make appointments efficient and convenient.

The Program Assistant is part of our Center's team and is there to provide the best care for you and your baby. We want to make sure that you have all the resources you need to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Your visit

When you arrive for your initial visit to the Colorado Fetal Care Center, a full day of diagnostic testing and evaluation will be provided. Our Program Assistant will guide you through each appointment and will be available as a resource throughout the day.

During your first visit, a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation will be used to assess your baby's condition. This evaluation may include a:

  • Prenatal ultrasound
  • Fetal echocardiogram
  • Fetal MRI
  • Diagnosis-specific subspecialty tests

Our multidisciplinary team of fetal care specialists will review every aspect of the evaluation and develop a care plan that benefits both mom and baby. Once diagnostic testing is complete, the patient and their family will meet with a multidisciplinary care team hand-picked for each specific case.

This care team may include a:

  • Pediatric fetal surgeon
  • Maternal-fetal medicine physician
  • Other specialists involved in the coordination of your care

The Colorado Fetal Care Center team will sit down with each family and review fetal imaging findings, discuss their implications, and review treatment recommendations. During your consultation, you may discuss:

  • Prenatal management
  • The potential need for fetal intervention
  • Our suggested delivery management
  • Long-term implications of the diagnosis

During this meeting, your new team will answer every question you have to help you and your family make informed decisions.

Collaborative treatment

The Colorado Fetal Care Center team will meet with the mother and her family to review the findings, as well as referring providers. Throughout our diagnostic and treatment process, we partner with referring providers and welcome their involvement. This way, care during pregnancy can remain with the referring physician, while our team collaborates as a partner. This allows mothers to maintain their relationship with their primary OB or Maternal Fetal Medicine physician.