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Second Opinions for Colorectal and Urogenital Care

Where comprehensive care, personalized attention and world-class experience meet to treat patients with complex colorectal disorders.



Children born with colorectal or urogenital malformations need precise diagnosis and prompt treatment. Choosing the right experts can help ensure a life of health and happiness. Families have traveled from across the globe to seek the expertise of the International Center for Colorectal and Urogenital Care at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

The colorectal and urogenital team at Children’s Colorado leads the field in diagnosis, treatment and research. Their quality and patient safety record, combined with decades of experience, and a full multidisciplinary team from prenatal to transition of care, set our center apart from other programs in the U.S. and across the world.

How to get a second opinion for your child

At our Center, we offer two options for getting a second opinion from our pediatric providers: in-person and virtual.

In-person second opinions

Getting a second opinion from our experts is easy. First, schedule an initial informational phone call with our team. We’ll collect your child’s health information, choose the best provider to see your child and schedule your appointment.

Virtual second opinions

Our virtual second opinions allow you to get an evaluation from our experts, no matter where you live. Simply fill out our virtual second opinion request form below and a nurse will contact you to gather your child’s health information, walk you through the virtual second opinion process and schedule a virtual consultation with the best specialist for your child. A virtual second opinion costs $750.

Request an in-person second opinion

Colorectal and Urogenital Care

Schedule your initial informational call:

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Why request a second opinion from the International Center for Colorectal and Urogenital Care

Colorectal and urogenital conditions sometimes require multiple procedures to provide the best outcome as your child grows and develops. Our team’s collective experience and surgical expertise helps to minimize the number of surgical procedures children need.

The high level of care at Children’s Colorado starts with carefully and accurately diagnosing complex conditions. By using the most modern surgical techniques, and aided by state-of-art facilities, our team helps children with colorectal and urogenital conditions live their best lives. Our expertise in caring for kids, vast experience and excellent outcomes allow us to give you a second opinion you can trust.

What colorectal and urogenital specialties or programs offer a second opinion?

Our team of multidisciplinary professionals diagnose and treat colorectal and urogenital conditions of all kinds, including:

We understand that these colorectal and urogenital conditions can be overwhelming, which is why we offer world-renowned care and a lifetime of support. For questions about our expertise and programs, call 720-777-9880 (then choose option #5).

Learn more about the conditions we treat

Meet our second opinion colorectal and urogenital providers

Led by doctors who have developed their own renowned surgical procedures, our center provides expert second opinion advice and long-term treatment plans to ensure your child maintains optimal health throughout their early life and into adulthood. Our team is made up of doctors and surgeons who each focus on specific types of colorectal and urogenital conditions. We’ll connect you with the doctor best-suited to provide a second opinion for your child’s unique condition.

Get to know our pediatric experts.

Andrea Bischoff, MD

Andrea Bischoff, MD

Surgery - Pediatric

Luis De La Torre-Mondragon, MD

Luis De La Torre-Mondragon, MD

Surgery - Pediatric

Veronica Alaniz, MD

Veronica Alaniz, MD

Ob/Gyn Obstetrics & Gynecology

Duncan Wilcox, MD

Duncan Wilcox, MD

Urology - Pediatric

What should I prepare before my second opinion call?

The more information you can provide about your child’s condition, the better second opinion we’ll be able to give. Complete information about your child’s condition and their surgical history helps us connect you with the doctor best suited for your child’s specific case. Before your initial call, please have the following information or records on hand:

Diagnosis: Tell us about your child’s diagnosis, treatment plan and whether it is a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis.
Operations: If your child has had surgery, what procedures have they had and by whom?
Diagnosing doctor: We’ll need to know the diagnosing doctor’s name, address, phone and fax number.
Child’s age: In the case of a prenatal diagnosis, how far along in your pregnancy are you? If the child has already been born, how old are they?
Health insurance status and information: We will try our very best to work with your insurance company to get approval before we schedule an in-person visit.
Your location

Where will my child be seen for their in-person appointment?

Your child will be seen at the International Center for Colorectal and Urogenital Care located in our hospital on Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora. If you have any questions or would like more information, call us at 720-777-9880 (then choose option #5).

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