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At Children's Hospital Colorado, we're committed to helping all healthcare professionals improve the quality of life for children with endocrine disorders. Get the latest in pediatric endocrinology information to better your practice and learn about innovation within our various programs.

Referral guidelines

These referral guidelines provide information to assist referring physicians in the evaluation and management of pediatric patients. Use these to determine the best approach to the treatment of your patients, or to determine when to refer to a specialist.

Lifestyle Medicine referral guidelines (.pdf)

Doctor Kristen Nadeau, Children's Hospital Colorado, wears blue gloves while handling a medical device.

Research articles and summaries

Research article

New research shows bariatric surgery can reverse the progression of type 2 diabetes in adolescents and that the earlier it's performed, the better.

Clinical trial

As part of the eXtraordinarY Babies Study, your child can help researchers identify early predictors of developmental and health outcomes associated with sex chromosome variations.

XXY/Klinefelter syndrome, XYY, XXX and other sex chromosome variations
6 weeks to 12 months old

Professional resources

Transgender Medicine and Caring for Gender Diverse Patients

Caring for transgender, gender diverse and gender non-conforming patients is complicated, and it's made even more complex by the dynamic nature of gender itself. In this episode, Natalie Nokoff, MD, from our TRUE Center for Gender Diversity, joins us to discuss healthcare for transgender and gender diverse patients.

Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

In this episode, we're discussing adolescent bariatric surgery with Thomas Inge, MD, the Director of the Bariatric Surgery Center at Children's Colorado.

PCORnet Bariatric Surgery Research and Outcomes

In this video, surgeon Dr. Thomas Inge discusses the research findings of The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Network (PCORnet) Bariatric Study – the largest study of its kind.

Questions from healthcare professionals

Our endocrinology specialists answer common questions about a variety of pediatric developmental conditions:

Adrenal hyperplasia

Delayed bone age

Breast development


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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