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What is dialysis?

Dialysis is a treatment option for children who are experiencing kidney failure. When a child’s kidneys are not functioning well enough to filter blood and remove waste from the body, dialysis can help with those processes.

There are two types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Your child’s care team will help you decide which option is best for your child and family.

  • In hemodialysis dialysis, a machine filters the blood to remove waste products, and then the clean blood is returned to the body.
  • In peritoneal dialysis, a small tube (catheter) is connected to the tissue lining the abdomen cavity. Fluid is flushed through the catheter to remove waste products.

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado for your child’s dialysis treatment?

Adult dialysis facilities are not equipped for kids’ needs. At the Kidney Center, we make every effort to meet your child’s needs and ensure that they are receiving care in the most comfortable environment possible. All of our staff, including nurses, social workers and dietitians are trained in nephrology. Our technology is designed for kids, and we understand the other things that kids need, like coordinating school schedules and rehabilitative care.

We offer several programs to meet your child's need and your family's lifestyle:

  • Hospital-based (hemodialysis) dialysis: Hospital-based dialysis (hemodialysis) is offered as an outpatient service to those children and their families who cannot support home-based dialysis because of difficult home situations, or because of medical issues that necessitate receiving hemodialysis in a hospital setting.
  • Home-based (peritoneal) dialysis: Peritoneal dialysis is available in a home setting because it is a simpler process that families can easily adjust to and can accomplish with safety. Clinicians in the Kidney Center educate children and their parents in order to provide dialysis treatments at home.
  • Inpatient dialysis: Clinicians in the Kidney Center also provide inpatient acute dialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy.