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The Pulmonary Hypoplasia Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado is the only multidisciplinary clinic in the Rocky Mountain region offering comprehensive care for infants and children with conditions that limit lung growth. Here, our team of experts works together to provide complete, long-term care for children with small, underdeveloped lungs, including pulmonary hypoplasia, pulmonary hypertension and related conditions.

What are pulmonary hypoplasia and pulmonary hypertension?

Pulmonary hypoplasia is incomplete development of the lungs resulting in a low number or small size of the alveoli, the tiny air sacs that allow oxygen and carbon dioxide to move between the lungs and the bloodstream. Pulmonary hypoplasia is a congenital condition, meaning it is present at birth. The condition commonly occurs in combination with other fetal abnormalities that restrict lung development. Some children with pulmonary hypoplasia develop pulmonary hypertension, which causes high blood pressure in the blood vessels supplying the lungs.

Children who develop pulmonary hypoplasia and pulmonary hypertension may have additional problems with breathing, feeding, heart function, hearing and brain development.

Conditions we treat

We provide long-term care for babies and children with conditions that can cause pulmonary hypoplasia, including:

Why choose Children’s Colorado to treat pulmonary hypoplasia and pulmonary hypertension?

At Children’s Colorado’s Pulmonary Hypoplasia Clinic, patients see our multidisciplinary team of neonatologists, pulmonologists, pediatric surgeons, neurodevelopmental and behavioral experts, cardiologists, social workers and nutritionists all in one location and in one visit. Our nationally-ranked pulmonology and neonatology programs work collaboratively to offer the best care available to children with underdeveloped lungs. Beyond caring for your child’s pulmonary health, we continuously evaluate their neurodevelopmental, behavioral and nutritional health and can treat any surgical needs that may arise.

Making an appointment takes one phone call. From there, our team develops a care plan, in collaboration with referring providers, to diagnose, treat and meet your child’s lung and other health needs.

Pulmonary hypoplasia research and innovation

Children’s Colorado has pioneered many critical developments in neonatal and pediatric care. We are often among the first to use new therapies for pulmonary hypoplasia and other conditions, including surfactant replacement for premature babies’ lungs, inhaled nitric oxide therapy for pulmonary hypertension and the prevention of premature lung disease.

Our specialists participate in ongoing research and clinical trials to provide your child with the most advanced pulmonary hypoplasia treatment available.

What to expect from your visit

Our team will evaluate your child’s overall health and develop a treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcomes. We will assess your child’s feeding tolerance, need for supplemental oxygen and medications, and evaluate their growth and development to ensure that they are reaching the appropriate milestones. Occupational therapists and physical therapists are available if your child needs additional care to help them reach their full potential.

Our Pulmonary Hypoplasia Clinic is designed to provide coordinated care for the whole child. As your child grows, we will schedule follow-up visits to help them wean off oxygen and medications and to ensure your child continues to thrive with decreased support.

Contact us

For more information and to make an appointment, please call 720-777-9876.

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