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Neonatal Telehealth Services for Providers

Our pioneering neonatal program treats the smallest patients at their most vulnerable, achieving the outcomes that affect the rest of their lives.

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Our neonatal providers are committed to providing the best care to infants in our region, and that means increasing access to our expertise. We offer several neonatal telehealth services to providers in our region so they can better care for critically ill infants.

Through our telemedicine services, referring and primary care providers can consult with our neonatal experts about care management and helping babies transition home safely.

Neonatal teleconsultation

Our neonatal experts lend their expertise to contracted community hospitals in Colorado and Wyoming. Through our neonatal teleconsultation service, pediatricians at these hospitals can request a video conference with one of our neonatologists for advice on a range of topics.

What is a neonatal teleconsultation?

Dedicated neonatologists are available seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to provide advice through a videoconference. Our services include:

  • Visual diagnosis for certain conditions
  • Assessment for transport
  • General recommendations
  • Procedural guidance for certain urgent interventions

If you’re a provider interested in neonatal teleconsultations with our experts, please call 720-777-6857.

Neonatal tele-discharge

When babies are ready to leave the NICU, we offer a tele-discharge to help babies and families transition smoothly to home and to their primary care provider. This is in addition to the traditional written discharge summary and allows providers and families to ask questions of our neonatal experts.

The tele-discharge gives primary care providers a more complete report on the baby’s health, conditions and any ongoing needs after discharge. It also helps primary care providers visualize the patient’s baseline exam and learn care techniques such as abdominal wound management or gastrostomy tube care. It’s particularly helpful for providers in smaller communities who may not have regular experience caring for babies with complex medical conditions.

What is neonatal tele-discharge?

This video conference typically includes our neonatal provider, the baby's primary care provider, any necessary subspecialists, the baby and their family. The tele-discharge session can happen at any point before the baby leaves the NICU, or at the first appointment with their primary care provider.

During the session, our experts will cover:

  • The baby’s care in the hospital
  • The baby’s diagnoses
  • Discharge information and physical exam results
  • Medication and coordination of any follow-up care
  • Simulation of special care instructions, if needed

Our discharge coordinators will schedule the tele-discharge. Primary care providers can also request a tele-discharge session by calling 720-777-6857.

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