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Neurology and Neurosurgery Education Videos

We provide comprehensive care for developmental and nervous system disorders ranging from complex neurosurgery to cognitive and behavioral counseling.

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Our Neuroscience Institute specialists are specially trained to diagnose and treat disorders of the brain and nervous system. We’re committed to improving the quality of life for children with neurological disorders. Watch the provider education videos below to learn from our neurology and neurosurgery experts.

Chromosome 15 and Related Disorders Clinic

People with chromosome 15 and related genetic disorders, such as Angelman syndrome, experience a variety of symptoms that affect physical, cognitive and behavioral abilities. Children’s Hospital Colorado offers a dedicated clinic focused on helping children and adults with complex medical needs related to chromosome 15 disorders achieve their full potential and live happy, active lives.

In this video, clinic founder Jessica Duis, MD, provides an overview of the Chromosome 15 and Related Disorders Clinic at Children’s Colorado, including the intake process with the multidisciplinary team of pediatric experts. From providing alternative communication devices to an emergency care hotline, the team at Children’s Colorado is well-prepared to meet the needs of their patients.

Pediatric palliative medicine: helping patients live well

Pediatric palliative care helps children with serious illnesses live as well as possible for as long as possible — with an understanding that both quantity and quality of life need to be considered. One of the challenges of palliative care is providing the appropriate balance of safety and comfort that optimizes longevity and relief from symptoms.

In this video, Lauren Treat, MD, offers her perspective on talking with families about palliative medicine, addresses some of the misconceptions in this field and provides tools for supporting families making medical decisions. As a child neurologist and palliative care physician, Dr. Treat understands how to provide tailored support for patients and families who are feeling overwhelmed by complex medical decisions.