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Orthopedics Institute
Orthopedics Institute

Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Program provides care for the complex medical and physical needs of rehabilitation patients. We offer comprehensive treatment for injuries and illness in a hospital setting at Children’s Hospital Colorado.Dr. Miller, wearing a white lab coat over a black shirt, pokes a baby's foot while sitting up on an exam table.

Conditions we help treat

Our treatment starts as early as during a child’s intensive care stay because we believe in the importance of early intervention to help improve outcomes. We then provide rehab services on the inpatient rehabilitation unit of the hospital, and as your child becomes more medically stable, we’ll provide a full regimen of rehabilitation interventions to help achieve the best possible outcomes.

      • Head injury
      • Spinal cord injury
      • Brain tumors
      • Neuromuscular diseases
      • Nutrition and feeding
      • Orthopedic conditions
      • Physical debilitation resulting from acute medical conditions
      • Amputations
      • Respiratory insufficiency and assistive technologies
      • Tracheostomies
      • Ventilator management

Neurotrauma rehabilitation services for traumatic brain injuries

For patients who have sustained an injury to the brain or spinal cord, we provide the following services for neurotrauma rehabilitation:

      • Board-certified pediatric rehabilitation physician specialists (physiatrists)
      • Consultation, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment
      • Inpatient and outpatient care management
      • Neurotrauma rehabilitation specialty nurses
      • Physical therapy
      • Occupational therapy
      • Rehabilitation psychology services
      • Speech and language therapy
      • Psychosocial support
      • Therapeutic recreation/child life
      • Respiratory therapy
      • Learning specialists
      • Case management
      • Patient care conferences
      • Community/school transition
      • Feeding and swallow evaluation
      • Insurance liaison

Learn more about the Neurotrauma Program team.

Why choose the Neurotrauma Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado?

Our facilities and services include:

      • A playroom on the unit staffed by volunteers during the day and into the evening.
      • Every room is equipped with a DVD player, and the unit has a video library of more than 250 movies and cartoons for children and young adults.
      • An occupational therapy/physical therapy gym, so that patients do not have to be transported off the unit for therapies.
      • A speech–language and learning room.
      • A patient and family resource room with a computer and Internet access.
      • Community transition experiences incorporated into treatment programs, so families can have opportunities to practice therapy activities in “real life” settings before going home. We plan “out-trips” into the community with specific goals for each child. As a result, your child can be better prepared to participate in family activities after discharge.

Support groups for patients and families

We offer free monthly support groups for parents and children who have had traumatic brain injuries. Please call Dr. Jeanne Dise-Lewis at 720-777-1234 for more information.