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Spine Surgery Quality and Patient Safety Outcomes

In the background, a patient with long brown hair watches as a doctor holds a white plastic skeleton of the hips, which is shown clearly in the foreground. Best Children's Hospital by US News Orthopedics 2020-1 Badge


Where is the best place to take a child for spine or back surgery? It’s a tough question that often requires parents to do a lot of research. That’s why we publish our surgery outcomes, or measures of safety and success. It’s information that helps parents learn about why our Spine Program treats more kids, teens and young adults with spine conditions than any other hospital in the Rocky Mountain region. Our spine fusion outcomes information includes:

  • Length of hospital stay: average amount of time our patients stay at the hospital to recover after spinal fusion surgery
  • Spine surgical site infection rates: how often our patients experience infections related to spinal fusion surgery
  • Blood loss estimates: estimated average amount of blood our patients lose during spinal fusion surgery
  • Patient volumes for spinal fusion surgery: number of spinal fusion surgeries our pediatric experts perform each year

The Connection Journey: Growing through Scoliosis

It's never easy to learn your child has a serious condition that may require surgery. Jessica and her parents share their spine surgery experience with Emily and her dad as they prepare for her upcoming scoliosis surgery.

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