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Children's Hospital Colorado provides around-the-clock pathology and clinical laboratory services for our patients, community providers and physicians. 

Our state-of-the-art laboratories are staffed with highly skilled pathologists, medical scientists and technical personnel. Our team utilizes the most current, reputable technologies to provide the highest quality patient care by:

  • Providing highly specialized insights on pediatric pathology.
  • Performing the tests your child needs.
  • Serving as vital consultants to our physicians for test selection and interpretation.
  • Offering comprehensive lab and pathology services, ranging from core laboratory testing to esoteric and genetic testing.

We believe that quality care should be accessible, which is why we provide expert pediatric pathology and laboratory services at locations throughout the state. 

Laboratory and pathology services at Children's Colorado

We offer laboratory services and testing, ranging from the routine to the highly specialized for children, adults and babies who've yet to be born. Our lab and pathology services include:

  • Specialized diagnostic testing
  • Rare genetic disorder detection
  • Prenatal genetic testing
  • Cancer testing
  • Next-generation sequencing for a wide range of genetic disorders

By working closely with other teams throughout our hospital and clinical laboratory, our medical team aids in the diagnosis of many diseases, including those caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites and infectious diseases.

What makes our pediatric labs different?

At Children's Colorado, you'll find care that goes beyond medicine. Every aspect of our laboratory services is tailored to kids and their unique physical and emotional needs. That means that everything — from our waiting room and equipment to our tests and how we deliver their results — is centered around children.  

Here are some of the unique ways we care for kids: 

  • We never ask the parent to leave during the procedure. In fact, we encourage you to hold, hug and comfort your child, which helps a lot.
  • We communicate with each child according to their age, while understanding their fears and empathizing with parents.
  • We're experts in testing samples from kids. Our tests account for kid-specific variables that affect test results, such as the patient's age and weight. 
  • We distract our patients by talking about the different things they enjoy to help relieve some of their anxiety.
  • We explain exactly what we are going to do, how long it will take and answer any questions you or your child might have.
  • The results of our tests are accurate, tailored to each patient and offer the insights needed to formulate the proper treatment plan. 

Learn more about Children’s Colorado’s state-of-the-art laboratory services

Why choose Children's Colorado’s pathology and laboratory services? 

At Children's Colorado, our hospital is specially designed to meet the unique needs of kids. This means our laboratories are staffed with experts in pediatric pathology, and the nurses and phlebotomists who draw your child's blood have extensive training in pediatric phlebotomy. 

Here you'll find: 

  • Unparalleled expertise
  • A welcoming, kid-friendly environment
  • Virtually every diagnostic test you or your child might need
  • Highly specialized testing capabilities

We're dedicated to producing quick turnaround times so patients and their parents the answers they need quickly. And your child is just steps away from pediatric experts who can manage their care and effectively treat whatever the test results show. 

How to schedule Outpatient Lab services

Families can schedule visits for our Outpatient Lab at the following Children’s Hospital Colorado locations:

You’ll have several options for scheduling appointments with our Outpatient Lab:

  • Your care team may schedule an appointment for you during your visit.
  • Call us at 720-777-0001.
  • Schedule through MyChart.

Walk-in visits are still available. Note that some types of collections will continue to be walk-in only. To see if your lab collection is eligible for scheduling, give us a call at 720-777-0001

Contact the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Services

If you have questions regarding our department's capabilities, tests or how to proceed, browse our list of frequently asked questions or contact our Client Services Call Center.

Get to know our pediatric experts.

Jennifer Black, MD

Jennifer Black, MD

Anatomic & Clinical, Pathology - Pediatric

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Bradford Siegele, MD

Bradford Siegele, MD

Pathology, Hematology/Oncology, Pathology - Pediatric

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Alice Gaskell, PhD

Alice Gaskell, PhD

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Elaine Spector-Christensen, PhD

Elaine Spector-Christensen, PhD

Clinical Biochemical Genetics, Clinical Cytogenetics and Genomics - General, Clinical Molecular Genetics and Genomics - General

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