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BrainSTARS: Strategies for Teams and Re-education for Students with Acquired Brain Injury

BrainSTARS is a program that provides education, information and consultation related to brain injury (traumatic and acquired) for families and school personnel. The BrainSTARS Manual offers a practical guide to interventions and accommodations for learning and behavior challenges children can display following acquired brain injury. On-site consultation and work with parent-school teams can also be provided.

BrainSTARS Values and Model Program

The value of the BrainSTARS model is that effective support for students with brain injury requires a team effort. The model program provides education about the after-effects of acquired brain injury for parents and school personnel so that they can create and support knowledgeable, maximally functional family-school teams. The BrainSTARS model program includes ongoing supportive consultation along with the BrainSTARS Manual in order to fine-tune interventions for a particular child’s needs.

BrainSTARS Manual

The BrainSTARS Manual is a comprehensive, practical manual for parents and teachers, which includes background information about brain injury, child and adolescent development, ways to create positive change, a comprehensive list of problems associated with brain injury, recommended interventions, and worksheets. The manual was reviewed by an Advisory Board of parents, school personnel, and students with brain injury, as well as by a group of national experts. It was extensively field-tested with parents and school teams and revised to represent current best-practices in the education and development of students who have acquired brain injuries.

The 320-page manual can be purchased for $80. We strongly recommend participation in a BrainSTARS training event or the BrainSTARS consultation model for optimal use of the manual. For ordering information, please contact Children's Hospital Colorado Department of Rehabilitation Psychology at 720-777-5470.

Training Events and Consultation

Training events and workshops have been provided for more than 1000 school personnel, family members, therapists, medical professionals, and other members of the community. These events have been educational in focus, combining general information about the school-related needs of students who have brain injury with practical, hands-on strategies for intervention. Consultation with school personnel has taken several forms: telephone helpline, classroom observation, telephone conferences, records review and interpretation, IEP consultation, and on-going in-school consultation. If you would like to schedule a consultation, in-service, or training event, please contact Dr. Dise-Lewis. Finally, our telephone helpline (1-800-458-6500, Ext. 6642 for Rehabilitation department) has been accessed by over 500 callers wanting information about brain injury in children.


Jeanne E. Dise-Lewis, Ph.D.