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Rehabilitation Medicine
Rehabilitation Medicine

Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

The pediatric experts in our Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at Children's Hospital Colorado provide care for children and adolescents who have experienced a loss of function due to illness or injury. Our goal is to improve functional independence, comfort and psychosocial well-being so that our patients can successfully return to their homes and communities. Our interdisciplinary teams offer comprehensive, coordinated and cutting-edge rehabilitation interventions to help achieve the best possible outcomes.

Dr. Miller, wearing a white lab coat over a black shirt, pokes a baby's foot while sitting up on an exam table.

Conditions we help treat

Our treatment starts as early as a child's intensive care stay because we believe early intervention is important for improving outcomes. We're located near the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for your child's convenience and for easy access while your child is in the hospital.

Our team offers a wide range of rehabilitation and physical therapy services customized to fit your child's needs and recovery stage. As your child becomes more medically stable, we'll provide comprehensive rehabilitation interventions to help achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our multidisciplinary team offers a wide range of services and treatment plans for patients with:

Meet our inpatient rehabilitation team

Our multidisciplinary team offers comprehensive, coordinated rehabilitation services. Our team consists of:

Why choose the Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at Children's Colorado?

At Children's Colorado, we offer the only pediatric acute inpatient rehabilitation unit in the Rocky Mountain region. Our Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Program offers:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • A playroom on the unit staffed by volunteers during the day and into the evening
  • An in-unit occupational therapy/physical therapy gym, so that patients do not have to be transported
  • A speech-language and learning room
  • Community transition experiences so families can have opportunities to practice therapy activities in real-life settings before going home
  • Out-trips into the community with specific goals for each child to prepare your child to participate in family activities after discharge
  • A patient and family resource room with a computer and internet access
  • Easy access to restaurants, parks, hotels, Ronald McDonald House in Aurora and Brent's Place
  • Patient rooms equipped with a DVD player and video library of more than 250 movies and cartoons for children and young adults

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