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How the Occupational Therapy Program Works

Customized care to meet your child’s needs

Children whose lives have been affected by developmental conditions, illness or injury can benefit from occupational therapy (OT). At Children’s Hospital Colorado, we start by doing an occupational therapy assessment, which includes developing an “occupational profile” for your child. As part of this assessment, we look at your child’s skills, abilities and environmental demands. We then determine what adaptations are needed to address impairments or concerns.

Focusing on your child and family

When you choose Children’s Colorado for your child’s occupational therapy evaluation, treatment planning and intervention, our OT experts focus on helping your child and family achieve and maintain health through meaningful participation in life activities. Our occupational therapists work with children of all ages, from the tiniest of newborn infants to teens and young adults.

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Activities that promote life skills

Our treatments and techniques focus on skills your child needs to achieve optimal success and independence at home and in the community. Our occupational therapists use a variety of functional activities to promote skills in the areas of:

  • Self-care independence and safety for tasks such as feeding, dressing and bathing.
  • Motor coordination for tasks such as handwriting, zipping or buttoning clothes, eating with a knife and fork, playing on playground equipment, and coordination for games and sports.
  • Oral motor function for the purpose of eating, managing foods in the mouth, taking milk from the bottle, and tolerating different food textures and types.
  • Self regulation and organization for completion of routines and transitions such as bedtime, getting ready for school, mealtime and outings in the community.
  • Visual perception for tasks such as puzzles, construction games, pre-reading and pre-math.
  • Community integration and social behavior to help participation in home, school and community activities.
  • Exploring adaptive devices and assistive technology to help your child achieve his or her maximum potential.

What do we mean by “family-centered care?”

The occupational therapists at Children's Colorado believe in the importance of family involvement in healthcare. This includes helping families setting goals for your child, attending therapy sessions, and following through with OT program suggestions at home.

Communication and educating your child and family is as important as the treatment your child receives at the hospital. We value the sharing of information and depend on a partnership with your family.

Why choose the OT Program at Children’s Colorado?