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One dedicated team for all of your child’s needs

From the most common to the most complex surgeries, our Department of Pediatric Surgery care team provides highly specialized surgical care for kids of all ages. Even the most common surgeries require that our team performs their absolute best every single time. And every team member plays a vital role in making this happen, from the assistants who schedule the appointments, to the nurses who assist the physicians, to the surgeons themselves.

Children’s Hospital Colorado was designed with children in mind. Every medical professional who works at the hospital has been specially trained in the care of children, because children have very different medical needs than adults. Their bones are softer and still growing, different parts of their bodies are developing at different times and not all children develop at the same rate.

In the list below, you’ll see the word, “pediatric” before a lot of the titles. We don’t simply add that word to say that we treat children. In most cases, it means years of extra training and certifications, and it means staying abreast of the most recent advances in care of pediatric conditions through annual continuing education and training. We are very proud of all the extra time and effort that our providers and nurses have invested to be able to add “pediatric” to their titles. That extra effort shows in our positive outcomes, in the outcomes of the advanced procedures that we offer, and on the smiling faces of our patients.

Each role listed below helps us provide the best medical treatment we can. And some roles are even unique to our hospital.

Pediatric surgeons

Our pediatric surgeons perform a variety of operations with a focus on both simple and medically complex conditions that affect children. Having been trained in pediatric surgery, our doctors have spent years studying methods and techniques aimed at maintaining the healthy growth of affected organs, bones and muscles after surgery and minimizing healing time.

Pediatric advanced practice providers

The pediatric surgeons at Children’s Colorado work with a team of advanced practice providers, including nurse practitioners and physician assistants to provide quality and individualized care for children. This team of advanced practice providers works closely with our doctors to ensure that every child receives the care they need even after they’ve left the hospital. You may meet with our nurse practitioners to review images, discuss your child’s diagnosis and treatment options and learn more about their condition.

Pediatric anesthesiologists

Children react differently to anesthesia than adults do, which is why our pediatric surgeons depend on the abilities of experienced pediatric anesthesiologists. Our pediatric anesthesiologists are specially trained to keep kids safe during surgery. Before surgery, parents can meet the anesthesiologists to ask questions and ease concerns about the process.

Child life specialists

Undergoing a medical procedure or surgery can be scary for anyone — especially a child. Our child life specialists can be by your child’s side to prepare them for their surgery, develop a coping plan and ease their worries. By giving just the right amount of information, our child life specialists work to decrease a child's fears and teach them strategies to help them get through the experience. Our specialists also provide therapeutic play activities to help decrease pain, meet treatment goals, express feelings, learn new skills and meet developmental milestones.

Pediatric therapist (rehabilitation)

We utilize a team of physical therapists that is trained in post-surgery physical therapy to help rehabilitate bones, muscles and tendons that may have been affected by a medical condition or by the surgery. Our therapists provide expert, specialized physical therapy care and have been specifically trained to work with children.

Pediatric psychiatrist

Our dedicated pediatric psychologists are clinicians who have received specialized doctoral training in helping kids to understand and cope with their specific medical condition. Our psychology team is available to meet with children and their families before and after surgery with the goal of supporting well-being and psychological health associated with your child’s procedure and condition.