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Surgery can be scary, especially when it’s for your child. That is why you want to be certain that surgery is absolutely necessary and that it’s being performed by the best surgeons. Even if you’re told it’s a common surgery, it’s important that the doctors and nurses performing the surgery are trained to work with children.

From making sure the anesthesiologists know the correct medicine to give them, to having nurses who can help put your child at ease, children have different needs than adults and need incredibly different care. Our providers offer second opinions for pediatric surgery so you can be sure about all these factors and that you’re taking the best path forward.

How to get a second opinion for your child

At our Department of Pediatric Surgery, we offer two options for getting a second opinion from our pediatric providers: in-person and virtual.

In-person second opinions

Getting a second opinion from our experts is easy:

  • Your first appointment will be a phone call with a member of our administration team.
  • First, schedule an initial informational phone call below.
  • At the time you select, a member of our administration team will call you and collect your child’s health information.
  • After this call, our team will choose the best provider to see your child and schedule your in-person appointment.

Virtual second opinions

Our virtual second opinions allow you to get an evaluation from our experts, no matter where you live. Simply fill out our virtual second opinion request form below and a nurse will contact you to gather your child’s health information, walk you through the virtual second opinion process and schedule a virtual consultation with the best specialist for your child.

Request an in-person second opinion

Pediatric Surgery

Schedule your initial informational call:

Schedule your initial call by phone

Request a virtual second opinion

Why request a second opinion from the Department of Pediatric Surgery

Our team focuses exclusively on surgery for children. They have performed thousands of surgeries for a variety of different conditions. Their experience working with children helps them identify the best surgical plan for each child and their unique condition. In addition to experience, we use techniques that help us perform optimal surgery, like using minimally invasive surgery and anesthesiologists who are trained to work with children.

While being able to develop the right surgical plan is important, it’s also important to know when surgery may not be necessary. Having diagnosed conditions and performed surgery for more children than any children’s hospital in the Rocky Mountain region, the pediatric surgery team at Children’s Colorado knows exactly what to look for to help you make the most informed decision.

What specialties or programs offer a second opinion?

The Department of Pediatric Surgery provides second opinions on a range of conditions, including:

We also offer second opinions for specialties such as:

Learn more about the conditions we treat

For any questions about what conditions we treat, please call 720-777-6571.

Choosing the right second opinion provider for your child

From the specialized instruments they use to the additional training they’ve received, our surgeons, doctors and nurses all specialize in working with kids. Whether you’re looking for a second opinion on a common surgery, or one more complex, our Department of Pediatric Surgery has surgical experts who have extensive experience diagnosing and treating children. After we learn about your child’s symptoms or diagnosis, we’ll decide which specialist is best suited to give them a second opinion.

What should I prepare before my second opinion call?

The more information you provide, the better second opinion we can provide. More information about your child’s condition also makes our process more efficient. Before your second opinion call, please have the following information ready:

Diagnosis: Your child’s diagnosis or suspected diagnosis and treatment plan
Diagnosing doctor: The diagnosing doctor’s name, address, phone and fax numbers
Operations: If your child has had surgery, what procedures have they had?
Child’s age
Your location
Health insurance status and information

Where will my child be seen for their in-person appointment?

Your child will be seen at the Department for Pediatric Surgery at our hospital on Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora. If you have any questions or would like more information, call us at 720-777-6571 (then choose option #5).

Get answers to questions about second opinions at Children’s Colorado