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A physical therapist helps a teen with her exercises.

The ImPACT Program: transitioning adolescents and young adults from pediatric to adult healthcare

We support and advocate for all young people and their families during the transition process from pediatric to adult healthcare through:

  • Inclusion: We partner with young people and their families to integrate their long-term healthcare goals into the transition plan.

  • Education: We serve as coaches to patients and their families to provide health education and to enhance confidence in disease self-management.

  • Collaboration: We foster communication between pediatric and adult care teams and patients and families to create an individualized, uninterrupted continuum of care.

How can parents prepare their child as they transition to adult healthcare?

Parents should begin teaching and including their child in the self-management of their child’s general health and specific medical condition as they get older. Below are some general age guidelines and checklists you can use to help you and your child prepare for the transition process.

How is adult healthcare different than pediatric healthcare?

  • Young adults must schedule their own appointments.
  • Adult healthcare providers will support and manage care, but young adults are primarily responsible.
  • Young adults are responsible for their own finances and payment.
  • Young adults need to know about their healthcare coverage.
  • Young adults must request their own treatment information.

While most young adults say they are ready for these differences, many will need additional support during transition. We recommend that young adults reach out for help from their friends, family and psychosocial providers if they are struggling with the transition process.

Are you ready to transition? Take the “Got Transition” Youth and Young Adult Healthcare Transition Quiz.


For further information regarding transition care, please contact your child's Children’s Hospital Colorado healthcare provider.