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Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

At Children’s Hospital Colorado, we treat the big things, the small things and everything in between.

The Department of Pharmacy provides comprehensive clinical services to patients at Children's Hospital Colorado. Our pharmaceutical care extends beyond drug procurement and dispensing. We have organized clinical pharmacy services that compliment the team approach to providing care.

Clinical pediatric pharmacists are available 24 hours a day and help ensure safe and effective use of medication in children - as well as promote health, wellness and disease prevention. Our specially-trained pharmacists work with physicians and other healthcare professionals to determine the best medication regimen and monitoring plan for the pediatric patient.

Clinical pharmacy services are integrated into virtually all inpatient care units as designated pharmacists round with the medical teams. Through this direct involvement, pharmacists are empowered to assist in a great deal of therapeutic decision making and therapeutic drug monitoring activities. This is often a proactive responsibility. Children's Hospital Colorado pharmacists review drug orders and serve as a double-check regarding safety, therapeutic indication, the selection of reasonable drug therapy, and monitoring endpoints for therapy.

Pharmacists provide an extensive amount of drug information to practitioners and families. Pharmacokinetic consultations are routinely performed by pharmacists and are documented in the patient medical record.

Training and research

The Department of Pharmacy Residency Program began in 1991 and has grown to be one of the largest pediatric pharmacy residency program in a free standing children's hospital in the country. Every year, four Post-Graduate Year 1 pharmacy residents and one Post-Graduate Year 2 pediatric pharmacy resident is employed and trained by Children's Hospital Colorado. The clinical pharmacists, along with the residents, lead original research. Annually, a minimum of five research projects are completed involving medication therapy in children. The pharmacists provide education to the medical staff, nursing staff, pharmacy students, and outside groups. Pharmacy staff members participate in interdisciplinary committees such as Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Safe Medication Practices Committee, Code and Sedation Committee, Insulin Task Force and Adverse Drug Reactions Committee, among others.

The Department of Pharmacy runs a comprehensive investigational drug service. A full-time Investigational Drug Pharmacist is responsible for reviewing and approving drug research protocols as a member of the IRB/COMIRB. This pharmacist works closely with medical researchers, protocol sponsors, and Children's Hospital Colorado Research Institute.

On-Site outpatient pharmacy services

Children's Hospital Colorado has a Walgreen's Pharmacy located on the first floor of the hospital near the Fresh Market Place.