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Pharmacy Residency Program

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Children's Hospital Colorado Pharmacy Residency Programs

Our pharmacy residency programs prepare pharmacists to be skilled clinical practitioners within an atmosphere of educational growth, encouragement, respect and transparent communication.

Residents benefit from our integrative, clinical approach to patient care that goes far beyond drug procurement and dispensing. We pride ourselves in developing highly qualified pharmaceutical practitioners that can provide high-quality, patient-centered care within the diverse areas of clinical and operational pediatric pharmacy practice.

We aim to cultivate and develop leadership skills so that pharmacists completing our programs will conduct their practice with a high level of expertise and maturity, allowing them to excel and assume leadership roles in various pediatric healthcare settings.

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Clinical Pharmacy Services highlights

We aim to continue progressing the specialty of pediatric pharmacy through research, presentations and leadership positions. Over the past few years, our pharmacists and residents have contributed to literature and delivered national presentations.

2018-2019 accomplishments

  • 40 publications or submissions for publication
    • 13 included a resident as an author in the publication
  • 8 book chapters
  • 22 national poster presentations
  • 2 international platform presentations
  • 18 national platform presentations
  • 14 national or state leadership positions

2019-2020 accomplishments:

  • 36 publications or submissions for publication
    • 9 included a resident as an author in the publication
  • 1 book chapter
  • 25 national poster presentations
    • 12 included a resident as an author in the poster
  • 2 international platform presentations
  • 10 national or state leadership positions

Pharmacy Residency Program overview

The pharmacy residency programs at Children’s Colorado include:

  • Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY-1) Pharmacy Residency Program – Anschutz (four positions)
  • Postgraduate Year 1(PGY-1) Pharmacy Residency Program – Colorado Springs (three positions)
  • Postgraduate Year 2 (PGY-2) Pediatric Pharmacy Residency Program (four positions)
  • Postgraduate Year 2 (PGY-2) Medication Safety Residency Program (one position)

With a dedicated leadership team, experienced preceptors and individualized clinical experiences, prospective and current pharmacy residents are set up for success.

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Children’s Colorado Pharmacy Residency alumni: 1992-present

Service commitment

Pharmacy residents at Children's Colorado are valuable members of the pharmacy team.

The program’s practice experience requires residents to develop problem-solving skills, utilize effective communication techniques, hone supervisory skills and exercise strict attention to detail.

Residents gain valuable experience by staffing as a licensed pharmacist every other weekend as a PGY-1 or every third weekend as a PGY-2. Shifts generally vary and will alternate between days and evenings, with residents staffing operational or clinical shifts according to their previous experience.

Throughout rotations, residents will participate in multidisciplinary rounds and progress towards independently rounding with the team. During each rotation, residents will occasionally staff a "clinical staffing day" where they independently staff in place of their preceptor, acting as the clinical pharmacist for the unit that they’re on-rotation for. In this experience, our residents play a key role in helping the department to function and to succeed in achieving our goals.

Major project

Residents must successfully complete a major project to fulfill the requirements of both the PGY-1 and PGY-2 residency programs. These projects focus on pediatric issues pertinent to clinical practice and quality improvement at Children's Colorado. The emphasis of each resident’s major project allows for them to contribute a valuable service to the department and the hospital. This process allows the residents to develop their skills in medical literature review, technical writing, data collection and assessment, manuscript preparation, general organizational skills and leadership skills.

Residents are required to present all major projects at the Pediatric Pharmacy Association (PPA) annual meeting, and they are encouraged to pursue publication of their major project, if applicable.

Pharmacy residency application and contact information

  • Application deadline: December 30 of each year
  • The residency program start date: July 1 of each year

For more information, contact, Residency Program Director, or call 720-777-8155.