Children's Hospital Colorado

Learn About Innovation at Our Child Health Clinic

The Child Health Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado delivers primary care to kids and families in the community and surrounding areas. But we don’t just provide traditional care inside our clinic. We find innovative ways to help kids and families achieve better health outcomes — especially those who live in under-served and under-resourced communities and come from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Watch the videos below to learn about how we’re meeting the needs of families and improving their outcomes.

Learn about our Child Health Clinic

The Child Health Clinic is designed to provide all the care patients and families need in one place — including services not usually connected with a primary care clinic, like a food pantry and rent assistance resources.

How the Child Health Clinic is innovating primary care

The Child Health Clinic is changing the way we approach primary care. See how we're innovating the way providers think about health for the whole family.

The first year of well-baby visits

This innovative program offers support and resources to families who bring babies to the first five well-child appointments in their first year of life. Hear Maya Bunik, MD, discuss why this is so important and how we helped more families come for all five visits.

Integrated mental and behavioral health care

Primary care is often the first place that kids present with mental and behavioral health needs. It’s also a perfect setting to prevent or identify issues early and promote well-being and development. The Child Health Clinic has implemented integrated behavioral health services to care for kids and their families.

Championing health equity

All kids deserve the chance for a happy, healthy life so they can thrive. The Child Health Clinic tackles health disparities through a wide range of services.