Children's Hospital Colorado

How We Work in the Eating Disorders Program

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A variety of treatment interventions occur in the Eating Disorders Program at Children's Colorado. Perhaps most important is that our treatment is always tailored to the unique needs of each patient and family. Our team approach is integrated with all levels of care and may include day treatment, intensive outpatient and outpatient care.

Every family has a "team," which includes a:

  • Child psychiatrist to evaluate the overall severity of the eating disorder, determine the potential role of co-existing anxiety, depression and obsessional symptoms and coordinate interventions with the team.
  • Adolescent medicine specialist to monitor and evaluate growth with a target weight range, assess potential medical complications and consult around the child's gradual return to more normalized activity.
  • Family therapist to provide individual and family therapy sessions each week, in addition to the group therapy program for kids and parents.
  • Registered dietitian to work with parents on meal planning and managing nutrition at home and at school. The dietitians also work with kids to address nutrition questions, appetite regulation and practicing meals outside of the program.

Meet our program leaders

  • Jennifer Hagman, MD, has served as the Medical Director of the Eating Disorder Program since 1993.
  • Amy Sass, MD, oversees the medicine care in the program.

Read an article by Dr. Hagman about the history of the Eating Disorder Program and the care provided today.