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About our Intensive Outpatient Psychiatry Program for youth

The Pediatric Mental Health Institute offers an Intensive Outpatient Psychiatry (IOP) Program for youth ages 8 to 17 years old. The General IOP was designed to serve families who have children with varied clinical presentations, including kids who meet criteria for more than one psychiatric condition, across more than one diagnostic domain. 

Our treatment strategies are based on the philosophy that helping a child or teen, requires a family-based approach. The IOP programs are designed to treat not just the child, but parents and siblings, as well. In addition, our programs are skills-building or strengths-oriented, meaning that our psychotherapies strive to build on existing strengths and foster new psychosocial skills in families. In a nutshell, our approaches derive from the overarching goal of family empowerment.

Our staff and faculty are committed to following evidence-based practice and implementing only approaches that are supported by data and scientific literature. Our programs are invested in assessing outcomes and are designed to continuously examine and improve their components and operations

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado for intensive outpatient psychiatry (IOP)?

Children’s Colorado is the only site in the region equipped to serve children and teens with varied and co-morbid psychiatric concerns at the Intensive Outpatient level of care. Our IOP programs were developed and are headed by experienced, doctorate-level psychiatrists and psychologists, who additionally serve on faculty at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. 

The programs are oriented toward empowering and intervening with whole families and are committed to a family focus.  Additionally, these programs uniquely offer intervention that is delivered in a well-integrated, collaborative, multidisciplinary fashion, where families benefit from the expertise and unique services rendered by psychiatric nurses, clinical social workers, child psychologists, child psychiatrists and mental health counselors. 

Newly admitted children and teens are offered timely access to consultation and follow up with our faculty child psychiatrists. Our IOP is contracted with most private insurances and reimbursed, primarily through commercial managed care companies. (Government insurances do not offer IOP level of care, as a benefit in their plans.)

Specific conditions we treat at the General Intensive Outpatient Psychiatry Program

  • Serves children and adolescents, ages 8 to 17 years old
  • Serves youth presenting with mixtures of mood and disruptive disorders
  • Serves youth who have failed to respond to routine, outpatient psychiatry services
  • Serves youth who have recently been discharged from higher levels of care, but are not yet stable enough to be treated at the routine outpatient level treatments

Services offered by the General IOP Program

The General IOP Program serves youth with mixtures of mood or disruptive behavior disorders. Similar to the anxiety disorders IOP, the General IOP Program is also geared toward kids who are stepping down from higher levels of care, or patients who have not been successful with outpatient treatment. It is well-suited to serve youth with a recent need for an urgent or emergent psychiatric assessment.

The General IOP Program is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of experts who specialize in the treatment of disruptive and mood disorders in youth and their families. Components include a psychosocial assessment, psycho-education, psychosocial skills training, parent training and creative arts therapies. Timely access to medication consultation and management with faculty child psychiatrists is offered.

Skills training for children and adolescents include social skills, relaxation, anger management and cognitive restructuring techniques. Skills training for parents include crisis management and safety planning techniques, behavior management, parental empathy, family communication and collaborative problem-solving.

The General IOP Program holds sessions for parents and youth three times weekly, for a five-week course of treatment. Please call 720-777-6200 for more information regarding medication consultations.

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For more information about either the General IOP Program, or to request an evaluation, please call 720-777-6200.