Children's Hospital Colorado

Our Surgical Specialists

We collaborate with every specialty in the hospital to advance new surgical techniques, teach tomorrow’s surgeons and give our patients a brighter today.

Children’s surgery specialists

Various specialties require different roles to prepare for surgery, complete the surgery and provide follow-up after surgery. Based on the specialty, these roles can include the following:

Children’s surgery supportive specialists

Every surgery we do requires the support of pediatric trained specialists:

  • Child life specialists help your child understand the surgical treatment they need and explain the process in a way they can understand and one that helps put their mind at ease.
  • Pediatric anesthesiology specialists administer anesthesia to ensure your child remains asleep and safe during surgery.
  • Pathology and laboratory specialists examine blood and tissue samples to help the doctors reach a final diagnosis and develop the most optimal treatment plan for your child.
  • Pediatric radiology specialists produce detailed images of your child’s bones and organs both before and during surgery to ensure your child’s surgery is performed with the utmost precision.