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Pediatric Liver Transplant: A Family’s Journey

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Liver Transplant: Olivia’s Story

Megan and Charles were overjoyed when their daughter, Olivia, was born. But that feeling was soon overshadowed when they received the news that she was diagnosed with biliary agenesis, a condition in which she didn’t have bile ducts to remove waste from her liver. Doctors told Megan and Charles that she would need a liver transplant, or she wouldn’t live to see her first birthday.

Shikha Sundaram, MD, and Michael Wachs, MD, of our Pediatric Liver Transplant Program, walked the couple through the process. The challenge was finding a liver that was small enough for Olivia. Fortunately for Megan and Charles, they received the news that a liver was available.

Liver Transplant: First Appointment and Evaluation

The evaluation is an important first step toward a transplantation. This video takes a firsthand look at what an initial appointment will look like after you’ve received news that your child needs a liver transplant. Learn about the process of a liver transplant evaluation from an experienced family and Shikha Sundaram, MD, one of the experts in our Pediatric Liver Transplant Program.

Liver Transplant: Areas of Care

Learn about our multidisciplinary team and how their expertise and experience has made us one of the largest and most successful pediatric liver transplant programs in the country. Each member of the transplant team plays a vital role in a successful liver transplant. In this video, our experts explain why each role is important and how the collective support of the family is essential when going through transplantation.

Liver Transplant: Transplant Options and Wait Times

Michael Wachs, MD, Chief of Abdominal Transplant Surgery, explains the different types of transplant options, including a whole liver transplant, like the one Olivia received. Dr. Wachs also explains why Children’s Hospital Colorado is a great place to receive a transplant and that our hospital’s wait time is half the national average. All patients have the option to be listed at more than one center and “multi-listing” can improve your odds of getting a transplant sooner.

Liver Transplant: Volumes and Outcomes

Our providers explain why transplant volumes and outcomes matter. Volumes refer to the number of transplants we do every year and outcomes refer to the result of the transplant. Whether you are coming to our hospital or going to a different one, these are two important factors to ask about and consider.

Liver Transplant: Follow-up Appointments and Long-term Care

Our liver transplant experts emphasize how important it is to set up patients and families for success prior to going home. Learn how our team develops a plan for follow-up care regardless of whether you live across the street or across the country.

Liver Transplant: Research

Our Liver Transplant Program is backed by extensive research efforts. Learn how our robust research program translates to better outcomes. We invest what we learn through our research into our practice, resulting in better care and happier, healthier lives.