Children's Hospital Colorado

Meet the Liver Transplant Team

A young toddler with brown hair and dressed in a pink cardigan with white polkadots is lying down and laughing.

Families dealing with the overwhelming nature of a chronic childhood disease need innovative care and strong integrated support. Our unique multidisciplinary team at Children's Hospital Colorado is here to develop pre- and post-transplant treatment options for our patients.

Our liver transplant team includes:

  • Experienced transplant surgeons in both liver transplant and pediatric surgery.
  • Pediatric transplant hepatologists specialize in the care and management of children with end-stage liver disease both before and after surgery. All of our specialists are CAQ Board Certified in Transplant Hepatology.
  • Pediatric anesthesiologists specialize in keeping kids safe and pain-free during transplant surgery.
  • The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is a specialized critical care unit that is staffed 24/7 with pediatric intensivists (doctors), pediatric nurses, respiratory therapists and others. Each specialist is trained in the most advanced medical techniques needed to care for children who are critically ill.
  • Pediatric interventional radiologists assist with the unique needs of the pediatric transplant candidates and recipients.
  • Dedicated pediatric infectious disease specialists focus on the unique issues in solid organ transplantation and help optimize outcomes.
  • Transplant coordinators are instrumental in the management of care of these children and the education of their families before, during and after transplantation.
  • Psychologists help kids who require or have undergone liver transplant develop plans for coping with the stress related to transplantation.
  • Transplant pharmacists have training specific to the needs of kids, which helps to provide safe and effective use of highly specialized medications.
  • Dietitians help maximize the nutritional status of the child while awaiting a transplant and during the recovery phase.
  • Nurses care for pediatric liver transplant recipients to provide excellent care and help parents understand the daily management of their child’s medication compliance and overall well-being.
  • Social workers provide individual as well as family counseling and support.
  • Transplant financial coordinators assist parents with navigating insurance approvals and insurance benefits.