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As any parent knows, little surprises like injuries, fevers and flu don't take evenings and weekends off. Children's Hospital Colorado is here to help. By visiting one of our children's urgent care locations, your child can get specialized pediatric care where and when they need it.

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From emergency to urgent care to 24/7 pediatric advice, we’re here to help in the heat of moment.

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Urgent care locations at Children's Colorado

We offer urgent care for kids of all ages at locations throughout the Denver metro area. Urgent care hours differ by location. Some locations offer 24/7 emergency services in addition to urgent care. Please click on the location below to view the most current hours and services.

Conditions we treat in pediatric urgent care

Our pediatric urgent care locations treat illnesses and injuries that require medical attention, but are not life threatening. These facilities should be used after normal business hours if your pediatrician's office is closed. Common pediatric conditions that can be treated at our Denver metro area and Colorado Springs urgent care locations include:

Learn how to decide between urgent and emergency care.

Why choose a children's hospital for urgent care?

Children aren't small adults, which is why it's important to seek out urgent care locations designed specifically for kids. At Children's Colorado, all of our urgent care doctors have received specialized training in pediatrics. This enables them to diagnose children's conditions faster and treat them more quickly than a typical urgent care facility. This gets your kids home and feeling better, faster.

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Unlike most urgent care centers, our doctors communicate directly with your pediatrician or family doctor about your child's visit. Your child's primary care doctor will be informed of any test results or procedures that were performed, so their medical record will be up-to-date and accurate.

Urgent vs. emergency care for children

If you believe your child needs immediate attention and you have concerns for a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

Choosing between urgent and emergent care can be confusing. Learn how to choose urgent or emergency care for your child.

Still unsure if you should take your child to the ER or urgent care? Call our ParentSmart Healthline at 720-777-0123 to speak with an experienced pediatric nurse 24/7.