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Help transitioning from pediatric to adult care

Jonathan Mackey

Pediatric urologists at Children’s Hospital Colorado work with the urologists at the University of Colorado Hospital to provide continuous care to teens and young adults with bladder, kidney and genitalia disorders. 

As kids grow into teens and young adults, they make decisions about school, careers, relationships and more. During this time, young adults also age out of pediatric care.

How does Children’s Colorado help young adults transition into adult urologic care?
The goal of our Urologic Transitional Care Program is to help teens with urological problems move from pediatric care easily into adult care. Patients with complex health problems benefit from working with our experts who understand both their medical care and the obstacles and choices that come with growing up.

A young adult clinic with a team of specialists

Our Urologic Transitional Care Program includes specialists from urology and psychology. Our team encourages young adults to take part in their healthcare decisions. Meeting with all our specialists allows teens to take control of their care as they move into adulthood.

Expert care as children grow into young adults

Dr. Ty Higuchi is an expert in the development of bladder, kidney and genitalia conditions from childhood to adulthood. His skills help teens and young adults understand the health complications from childhood. He also supports patients by developing a care plan to address their needs as they go to college and start a career.

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Keeping you safe, wherever you are

We're here when you need us with the same safe, high-quality care we've always offered, even during the pandemic. Now, in many cases, you can get that care without even leaving home because we offer virtual visits across every one of our specialties.

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