Children's Hospital Colorado

Recognizing Our Outstanding Volunteers

Volunteer of the Year

The Volunteer of the Year award is given to a member of the Association of Volunteers who has exemplified in the highest way our commitment to the mission of Children’s Hospital Colorado. Fitting that description is Jeremy Dreiling, who received the Volunteer of the Year award for 2012.

About Jeremy Dreiling

There are not many young men who in addition to a demanding career as an engineer would spend their free time giving to others. Yet Jeremy has done just that. For the past three years, he can be found on Friday afternoons at Children’s Colorado providing a fun-filled and safe experience for the teens in the Teen Lounge.

As a volunteer, Jeremy has quickly gained a well-deserved reputation for leading and inspiring others. Recognizing a void in the composition of our chapters, Jeremy led in the development of the Young Professionals’ Chapter with the goal of providing additional opportunities and social networking for active volunteers. Jeremy excels at collaborating with others, both at Children’s Colorado and in the community.

We at Children’s Colorado are proud to call Jeremy our Volunteer of the Year!

New Volunteer Award

Based on a recommendation from a recent volunteer satisfaction survey, a new award was presented this year. It is designed to recognize a volunteer who joined our team in 2011.

As a founding member and the current co-chair of the Employees as Volunteers Chapter, Kelly Tyler was recognized with the New Volunteer Award.

In addition to her position as a learning specialist in the Department of Audiology, Speech Pathology and Learning Services, Kelly has found the time to host holiday parties for our patients and their families. Because of her commitment, children are still able to celebrate special occasions in the hospital.

While Children’s Colorado is unique on so many fronts, not many places of employment can boast that their staff give as generously and unselfishly of themselves as Kelly.

Chapter Volunteer Award

Traditionally, we also recognize an individual chapter member for their notable contributions. This year we broke with tradition as we recognized all members of the  Boulder Chapter. It is especially meaningful to salute this group as they are celebrating their 45th anniversary this year.

The Boulder Chapter’s desire to give generously extends to helping other groups and functions, most notably at the Wine Event. For many years, the members have volunteered to welcome the guests and to staff the Wine Event silent auction.

They have been fine representatives of Children’s Colorado in the Boulder community as they have hosted a number of events. These annual events include plant sales with Giambrocco and Sons, a day at Adventure Golf and Raceway and the Teddy Bear Tea at the Hotel Boulderado.

Over the course of 45 years, the Boulder Chapter’s gifts have been very generous and far reaching. Their most recent efforts have focused on the North Campus, due to its proximity to Boulder.

We are truly honored that after 45 years, the Boulder Chapter remains committed to our mission!

Learn more about the different volunteer chapters at Children’s Colorado.

Junior Volunteer Award

The objective of this award is to honor Junior Volunteers, those 13 to 18 years of age, for their excellent service to Children’s Colorado. This year we honor Catherine Coughlin, better known as Caty.

Having been referred to the Association of Volunteers (AOV)  by her aunt, a volunteer at La Cache, Caty joined the AOV in 2008 while she was a middle school student at St. Vincent de Paul. She has continued to volunteer on a regular basis during her high school years at St. Mary’s. During this time, she has generously given more than 550 hours of her time and talents.

From cleaning DVDs to working directly with patients, Caty has shown a willingness to do whatever is needed. Not only has she met our high expectations, she has exceeded them on each and every encounter.

Caty has said, “I love coming to Children’s Colorado each week, and I work hard to do my duty as a volunteer and to keep the patients safe and happy. It is a great experience and I enjoy every day that I am there. I am grateful for the opportunity to help a patient have some fun, and take their mind off medicine for a bit. Volunteering has led me to choose nursing as a future profession.”

Chair’s Award

Dr. Sara Mark, DVM, received the Chair Award at the recent recognition events from Eric Hartmeister, outgoing chair of the Association of Volunteers’ Board of Directors.

Sara and her beloved dog Pokey began volunteering with the Prescription Pet Program 25 years ago. Sadly Pokey is no longer with us, yet Dr. Mark’s commitment to the program remains. Not only did she accompany Pokey on his scheduled rounds of visiting patients, she has also volunteered her time as a veterinarian to screen potential teams of the canine volunteer and their handler.

In addition to her pet screening responsibilities, Dr. Mark took the lead in developing and revamping the program’s protocol. As a result, the Prescription Pet Program received national recognition in 1987. Her insight and expertise have allowed other programs modeled after ours to be instated at other hospitals throughout the country as well.

Based on her leadership, Dr. Sara Mark was also honored as Volunteer of the Year in 1990. In February, she was named the 2012 Alumni Fellow for the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine.