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Staying Healthy During Holidays: Physically, Mentally and Emotionally

With the hullabaloo of the winter holidays, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. Learn tips for refocusing on your mental, physical and emotional health to ensure you and your family come out of the season feeling replenished, happy and healthy.

Move Past Negative Holiday Interactions with Friends and Family

See our quick tips for moving past negative interactions with family or friends this holiday season.

How to Manage Holiday Stress

Holidays can be a time for fun and family, but it can also be stressful. Get tips on how to manage holiday stress from the experts at Children's Hospital Colorado.

Kids and Summer Rashes: How to Deal

Pediatric experts offer tips on common summer rashes, so parents can identify them, care for them and get kids back in the pool.

The Best Way to Enjoy Fourth of July Fireworks? At a Distance

Days before the Fourth of July, Hailey was about to set off a rocket with her dad. It was supposed to shoot 50 feet into the sky. But it didn’t. Find out what happened and how you can keep your kids safe during the holiday.

Top Five Summer Safety Risks

Our Injury Prevention Program Manager identifies a few of the major trouble spots for traumatic injuries and how to steer clear.

Holiday Kitchen Safety Tips

Children can safely help out in the kitchen, but parents must pick the right tasks for each child’s age and skill level.

Halloween Safety Tips for Families

Halloween is supposed to be a night of frights — but only the imaginary kind. To keep your kids safe on Halloween, here is a list of our top Halloween safety tips.

Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

Christmas decorations can pose fire and poisoning hazards. Keep your holidays injury-free with these important safety tips from Children's Hospital Colorado.

Sunscreen Tips for Babies and Toddlers

Read up on sun care recommendations for infants and toddlers, from the dermatology experts at Children's Hospital Colorado.

What To Do With Halloween Candy

Get ideas for what to do with extra Halloween candy this year, like send it to the troops or save it for special occasions.

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