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Center for cancer and blood disorders
Center for cancer and blood disorders

The Wellness Program for Patients and Families

Finding out that your child has cancer is one of the most stressful and difficult experiences a family will ever face. That’s why at Children’s Hospital Colorado, we’ve developed the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) Wellness Program to help families understand the impact of a cancer diagnosis and to find ways of coping.

What is the Cancer Wellness Program?

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The Cancer Wellness Program focuses on promoting the healthy adjustment of kids and families treated at the CCBD. The goal of the Wellness Program is to provide a continuum of care that

  • Ensures that families have adequate resources and strong coping skills to adjust to the challenges associated with a pediatric cancer diagnosis
  • Educates children and families about “normal” emotional reactions to this very “abnormal” situation
  • Identifies preventative ways to minimize unnecessary emotional pain and poor psychological adjustment
  • Addresses behavioral and psychiatric issues by providing the best possible psychosocial support

The foundation of the CCBD Wellness Program is our diverse and committed team. Our staff uses unique ways to support the mind, body and spirit to most effectively deal with the challenges of pediatric cancer treatment.

Wellness Program resources for cancer patients and families

The CCBD Wellness Program team is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of professionals, including the following

  • Psychologist – Provides psychosocial assessment and psychotherapy
  • Social Worker – Works with every family to provide education about the oncology treatment process, identifies family strengths and vulnerabilities, and provides child/parent/family focused psychosocial intervention and psychotherapy
  • Therapeutic Recreation/Child Life Therapist – Teaches behavioral techniques to help kids manage hospital-related fear and anxiety (like needle phobias), conducts supportive individual and group psychosocial interventions to improve coping, and assists with school re-entry
  • Pastoral Care/Chaplain – Provides consistent religious and/or spiritual support to CCBD families
  • Art Therapist – Uses art as an outlet for expression of emotions to promote healing
  • Learning Specialist – Provides educational support and activities to children hospitalized on the inpatient unit
  • Resource Specialist – Assesses the resources needs of all CCBD families, identifies and secures appropriate resources from local, state or national agencies
  • Acupressure Specialist – Utilizes acupressure and therapeutic massage, forms of complementary and alternative medicine, to reduce patient and family stress

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