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About the Colorado Center for Celiac Disease

At the Colorado Center for Celiac Disease (CCCD), we evaluate and treat children and adolescents with suspected or known celiac disease and gluten-related disorders. In particular, we provide screening and management of children with a family history (genetic risk) of celiac disease, type 1 diabetes and Down syndrome.

We welcome any patients looking for second opinions and referrals of complex cases. Whether an individual needs assistance in managing the diet or is seeking consultation for possible celiac disease, the Colorado Center for Celiac Disease team will work to formulate a personalized care plan specific to each patient and their individual and family needs.

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Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado for the treatment of celiac disease?

The Center is the first of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region and one of only a handful of programs focusing solely on pediatric celiac disease and gluten sensitivity across the nation. As such, the CCCD is setting the standard for multidisciplinary care of children with celiac disease and gluten-related disorders by focusing on the unique needs of the pediatric population. 

Two providers review celiac disease information on a screen.

Our clinical team provides comprehensive services including a variety of screening methods, genetic testing, diagnostic procedures, and long-term health management. Expert registered dietitians support patients and their families by providing education regarding the gluten-free diet and its various challenges, including an introductory gluten-free class that is offered to all patients upon diagnosis.

In addition, social workers are available to all of our patients and families for assistance with any of the day-to-day issues that can arise in staying gluten-free, including possible challenges with school or college. 

The Center also works closely with programs serving other related disorders, allowing us to facilitate the early screening and detection of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity in children with conditions like type 1 diabetes and Down syndrome.

Partnerships with advocacy groups and local businesses in the community are cultivated as well in order to offer a wide range of support to our patients and their families once outside the doors of Children’s Colorado.

Conditions we treat

  • Children with suspected celiac disease, or those needing evaluation of gluten intolerance
  • Children with a family history of celiac disease
  • Long-term management of children with known celiac disease
  • Counseling for family members of children with celiac disease

What we offer

Our comprehensive care includes:

  • A team of committed physicians with extensive experience in celiac disease and gluten-related disorders
  • Screening for individuals at risk for celiac disease, including genetic testing if needed
  • Autoantibody screening and monitoring of potential complications
  • Genetic testing
  • Education and nutritional counseling resources for a gluten-free diet
  • Possibility of participating in research studies
  • Resources for families with celiac disease, including educational seminars and a growing support system
  • Educational seminars for physicians
  • Evaluation of challenging or complex cases and referrals
  • Consultations with a psychologist specializing in celiac disease for pediatric patients and their families


In order to remain as leaders in the field, research is an essential component of the center. Collaborations with the Barbara Davis Center involve the DAISY (Diabetes and Autoimmunity Study of the Young) and TEDDY (The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young) studies, which screen children from birth for the development of type 1 diabetes, celiac disease and other autoimmune conditions. 

Other specific interests of the center include genetic risk factors and autoantibody diagnostic testing for celiac disease. With the development of new therapies currently being tested in adults with celiac disease, CCCD is poised to run such clinical trials in children in the near future.

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Children's Colorado in the news

The Scientist

The Celiac Surge

junio 1, 2017

Previous studies have shown that celiac disease affects approximately 1% of the American population. A team of researchers, led by Edwin Liu, MD, director for the Colorado Center for Celiac Disease, recently found that children in the Denver metro area actually exhibit celiac disease in up to 3% of the population, which is the highest prevalence determined to date in the U.S.