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Imaging Services (Radiology)

Imaging Services (Radiology)

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About pediatric imaging at Children’s Hospital Colorado

When kids have an illness or injury, finding accurate answers quickly is critical for getting them the right care.

At Children's Colorado, our Imaging Services team uses advanced technology and child-friendly methods to assess all types of conditions. This type of imaging is also known as radiology.

Our interventional radiology doctors are skilled in minimally invasive techniques that reduce complications and shorten your child’s recovery. We also work closely with medical teams from other specialties across the hospital to diagnose and treat your child quickly and correctly. Learn more about our care team.

Types of imaging we use

Your child’s test or procedure may include one or more of these types of imaging to give doctors a better look inside of the body:

Why choose us for your child’s imaging?

As a comprehensive pediatric hospital, we care for kids of all ages with all types of conditions. We offer:

100% All of our CTs, MRIs and X-rays use pediatric-specific techniques
200,000+ Pediatric radiology studies performed each year
25 Pediatric-radiology-trained specialists
  • Care for children’s unique needs: Here, we work with kids and only kids. Because of that, we use special scanners, needles, catheters and radiation dosages designed for children. The result is tests and procedures that are safer, more comfortable and more accurate.
  • Experienced specialists: Kids’ bodies are different from adults’, and our pediatric radiology specialists know how these differences impact their care. Our team includes diagnostic and interventional radiologists with the highest level of training in their fields, as well as experienced pediatric technologists.
  • Compassion: Getting a medical test can feel intimidating for anyone, especially kids. Our doctors, technologists and child life specialists know how to put children at ease. We use movies, games and virtual reality to help your child relax and feel comfortable.
  • A focus on safety: We follow national Image Gently guidelines to reduce children’s exposure to radiation. Whenever possible, we use medicines that block pain and help your child relax (called conscious sedation) to lower anesthesia risks.

Who we treat at Imaging Services

Our team gets involved early in your child’s care, because capturing accurate images is critical to diagnosis and treatment. We serve patients from infancy through young adulthood, and we perform tests for all pediatric conditions and injuries, including:



Contact Imaging Services

For more information on imaging tests or procedures, or if you are a provider wanting to make a referral, please call 720-777-5650. You can also see a list of locations where we provide radiology and imaging