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EOS X-ray Imaging System

Reducing patient’s exposure to radiation

A graphic of a large white cabinet with orange E-O-S written up the side and a girl wearing a white dress standing inside.

Children's Hospital Colorado offers a new, faster and better way to take X-rays with an EOS Imaging System. EOS captures head-to-toe images of patients while standing. The machine uses an ultra-low dose of radiation to provide extremely detailed, high-quality images. We are one of a few hospitals in the U.S. to have this imaging system and the first in Colorado.

Benefits of the EOS X-ray imaging system:

  • EOS uses lower doses of radiation than traditional X-rays; this is important for kids with scoliosis who continue to get imaging exams throughout their life.
  • 3-D renderings provide doctors with better ways to plan surgeries and improve patient outcomes.
  • An entire body scan takes less than 15 seconds; this makes it easier for kids who have a hard time staying still.

Who is eligible for an EOS scan?

EOS imaging is mainly used for patients with scoliosis, spine, hip and leg disorders. Your doctor will let you know if EOS is a good fit for your child.