Children's Hospital Colorado

Monkeypox Testing

Children's Hospital Colorado offers testing for monkeypox to our established (existing)  primary care patients and at urgent and emergency care locations.

Download resources to learn more about monkeypox, then review instructions for how to get your child tested below:

Who should get tested for monkeypox? 

Anyone with symptoms of monkeypox should call their primary care doctor first. All individuals with suspected monkeypox should be seen by a doctor before testing. Only people who have a rash, sores or bumps can get tested for monkeypox.

Where can my child get tested for monkeypox?

Most primary care doctor's offices can collect samples for monkeypox testing. Please contact your child’s pediatrician first to ask if they can collect a sample at their clinic or help you find testing locations. Your primary doctor will also be able to answer questions and guide you through the process.

Getting tested at Children’s Colorado

We offer testing for our established primary care patients and also at our urgent and emergency care locations.

Children's Colorado primary care patients

If your child is already a primary care patient with Children's Colorado, please contact their healthcare team by phone or through MyChart. They will provide instructions for monkeypox virus testing at their clinic.

Testing for children who do not have a primary care doctor

If you do not have a primary care doctor and your child is ill and needs to be seen by a doctor, you can visit Children's Colorado's urgent and emergency care locations for monkeypox testing.

Other testing options

The state health department is coordinating monkeypox testing around Colorado. Find a complete list of monkeypox testing locations.

What to expect during monkeypox testing

Before the test

  • Before you bring your child for testing, cover any rashes and bumps with clothing (for example, shirts with long sleeves or pants) or a bandage.
  • Check our hospital policies and procedures for updated visitation guidelines.

During the test

  • Our healthcare experts will wear a medical gown, gloves, eye protection and a mask or respirator when entering the exam room. 
  • Only people who have a rash, sores or bumps can get tested for monkeypox. A healthcare expert will use a cotton swab to rub the rash. They may swab more than one part of the rash or more than one lesion for testing.
  • Next, they will send the swabs to a laboratory for testing.

After the test

  • Your results should be available within 1 to 3 days.
  • You can view your test results in MyChart.
  • If your rash becomes infected, or if your symptoms or illness get worse, contact your healthcare team.

    What should we do if the test is positive?

    If you test positive for monkeypox, this means the monkeypox virus has been found in your rash and you have the monkeypox infection.

    Here is what to do and what to expect if you or your child test positive:

    • Stay at home (isolate) until all lesions have scabbed over and new skin appears underneath. This usually takes 2 to 4 weeks.
    • A public health official may call you to learn more about your recent close contacts. It is important to answer calls from public health officials. These calls are confidential. No personally identifying details from these conversations will be shared or released.
    • The public health official will also provide information about what to do while you are recovering from your infection.  
    • If your illness or rash get worse, contact your healthcare team.

    Additional resources on monkeypox

    Visit the links below for additional information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and American Academy of Pediatrics.

    Resources for you and your child