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Experts in Children's Hospital Colorado's Department of Pediatric Urology are dedicated to advancing the field of urology to improve the care and lives of all children with urologic conditions. That's why we conduct research to advance care techniques that can be used for our patients and kids anywhere. Watch the pediatric urology medical education videos below for protocols and research from our experts to help improve the care of your patients.

Postoperative care pathways for radical nephrectomy recovery

Early recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols in children undergoing urologic reconstruction surgery have been shown to reduce length of hospital stay and decrease complication rates. Our researchers conducted a pediatric urology surgery study to explore the factors associated with a shorter postoperative stay, establishing the first step in developing a care pathway for children receiving radical nephrectomy for suspected pediatric renal tumors.

In this video, pediatric urologists Nicholas Cost, MD and Kyle Rove, MD discuss the results of their study, "Development of a postoperative care pathway for children with renal tumors." They talk about how ERAS protocols can help expedite the path to adjuvant therapy and strengthen the surgeon's role on the care team. Additionally, they review the application of ERAS protocols to other types of surgeries and how they can be implemented across institutions.

Read a summary of this ERAS research study.