Children's Hospital Colorado

New N-95 Mask Decontamination Process

Children's Colorado transitioned from the UV decontamination process for N-95 masks to the new Bioquell Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) cleaning process, allowing for masks to safely be decontaminated up to 20 times.

This new N-95 mask decontamination process became effective on May 18, 2020.

Here are a few important things for you to know:

  • Research has indicated that soilage, such as blood or make-up, on a mask can affect the filtering properties and render the VHP decontamination ineffective. Therefore, if you have a mask that you want to be decontaminated, you will need to refrain from wearing any make-up, heavy facial lotions or anything else that would leave a residue below the eyes. This requirement is critical as any respirators with visible soilage need to be thrown away.
  • Mask labeling: There is only one small addition to the labeling of the masks for people dropping off at the North or South Campus:
  • If you are dropping your mask off at our South Campus in Highlands Ranch, you will need to write "SOUTH" before your practice abbreviation.
  • If you are dropping your mask off at our North Campus in Broomfield, you will need to write "NORTH" before your practice abbreviation.
  • There is no labeling change for providers dropping their masks off at the Anschutz or Colorado Springs Campuses.
  • If the N-95 mask you are currently using has already been through the UV process, it will continue to be cleaned through the UV process for the maximum number of 4 times. You will then need to utilize a new N-95 mask to transition to the VHP process.
  • An N-95 mask that has previously been cleaned by UV cannot be cleaned using VHP.
  • If you are in need of a new N-95 mask, please contact your physician relations representative (Stacy Fox or Lauren Galloway Coates).
  • Nothing is changing about where you drop off or pick up your masks for decontamination
  • There is a single, daily decontamination run for the VHP process. Please drop off your mask by 9 a.m. to have your N-95 masks decontaminated that evening. Clean N-95 masks will be available for pick-up the next day by 12 noon.
  • View the list of N-95 masks that can be cleaned with VHP.

Watch a video from Pat Givens, Chief Nursing Executive, for full details.

*Colorado Springs transitioned to VHP on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.