Children's Hospital Colorado

Pediatric Appendicitis Clinical Pathways

Children’s Hospital Colorado’s appendicitis clinical pathways provide guidance on risk stratification and evaluation of patients with suspected appendicitis. The pathways also describe postoperative management of those with confirmed appendicitis based on illness severity.

Access our clinical pathways for pediatric appendicitis treatment

Use the links below to access the pathways on AgileMD.

Appendicitis | Ambulatory

Appendicitis | Emergency Department/Urgent Care

Appendicitis | Surgery

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About our pediatric appendicitis clinical pathways

Appendicitis clinical pathways offer best practice recommendations for patients with suspected and confirmed acute appendicitis. They were created by our multidisciplinary team of content experts (including primary care, emergency, pediatric surgery and pharmacy providers) and process improvement professionals. Our teams reviewed available published literature and they integrated local expert opinion when necessary.

These pathways offer a standardized approach to risk stratification, diagnosis and postoperative management of acute appendicitis. Recent updates include:

  • an ambulatory algorithm
  • ultrasound risk stratification templates
  • updated axial imaging guidance
  • updated postoperative antibiotic guidance for uncomplicated and complicated appendicitis

The Agile MD format for these clinical pathways aims at optimizing evidence-based care for patients while improving workflow and enhancing the care team dynamic.