Children's Hospital Colorado

Laboratory and Microbiology Test Directory

Do you need to know:

  • How to collect a stool from a toddler?
  • The turnaround time of a rheumatoid factor assay?
  • Acceptable specimens for herpes simplex virus PCR?

Answers to these questions and more are now available at your fingertips by searching our Laboratory and Microbiology Test Directory.

Components of The Laboratory and Microbiology Test Directory

  • A searchable, alphabetical list of in-house performed and referral procedures
  • A full description of each test, including acceptable specimens with collection and transport instructions, test schedules and turnaround time, and tips for test use and interpretation
  • Printable versions of general laboratory information, including requisitions and specialized collection procedures.

Additional Information-Collecting Instructions & Requisitions

  • General cytology and general microbiology collection instructions
  • Special collection instructions
  • Requisitions for CHCO and Reference Labs

Have questions about how to use the Laboratory Test Directory?

Please contact Lab Client Services using our online form or by phone at 720-777-6711.