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General and Special Laboratory Collection Instructions and Requisitions


If you are an outside client, please use of the following documents to submit a requisition. We recommend printing requisitions as a double-sided document to ensure that page 2 is included and filled out completely.

If you are a physician, please call 720-777-6711 or email

If you are a Children’s Colorado staff member looking for referral or downtime lab requisitions, please refer to our internal laboratory department site.

General collection instructions

Please see the rest of the Test Directory for collection instructions not listed below.

At Home Collection Instructions

At Home – Buccal Swab Collection Instructions

Bag Urine Collection Instructions for Infants & Small Children

Clean Catch Urine Collection Instructions

Timed Urine Collection Instructions

Stool Collection Instructions

Sweat Testing Information

Special collection instructions

Sending specimens and samples to the Children's Colorado laboratories

Please note that we prefer and highly recommend shipping samples to us via FedEx. If you are sending us a critical sample please call 720-777-6711 or email our Lab Client Services Center using our online form ahead of time and provide us with the tracking and test information for the sample you are sending.

If you are dropping off a stool or urine specimen, please review our Specimen Drop-Off Locations document for the proper labeling process and drop off times.

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